Saturday, March 15, 2014

Living in the Cloud - 3D Modeling

"3d software. Like Maya, 3ds max, blender"
I was challenged by +Stewart Martin.

I think this one's going to be a real challenge. I honestly don't already know of any GOOD 3D modeling web apps right now so this one is going to take some searching.

I did find and try out a web based 3D modeler which can be used to print on 3D printers.
I can say that ShapeSmith does well at what it does but it's not a full featured 3D modeler.
Because the sites screenshots are better than my modeling abilities, this is what the app looks like.
The app is very clean the majority of the screen is the actual model viewport. I made a basic rocket shape using a cylinder a cone and some rectangular prisms but my modeling skills are not that great so I opted to use the site's own screenshots. 

Ultimately the app is very basic and I don't see it being useful for much more than concepting and creating basic 3d models. It is an open source project however and like I said it does what it does well, I would expect this project or a fork of it to become more powerful in the coming years.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Living in the Cloud - Chrome OS

Cloud computing is the future and the future is already here.

I want to issue a challenge, I want to see if I can do several things in the cloud that most people don't believe the web is sufficient for. I will be doing things such as video editing, coding, editing photography, playing quality games, listening to music and watching movies.

For this challenge I am going to be using an Acer Chromebook. All web, all the time.

Feel free to suggest cloud challenges - things you don't think can be done sufficiently on the web. or things you feel you need a native application for.

look for the tag Living in the cloud for these posts.