Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google Finally creates Google Drawings for Google Docs, after aquiring Picnik

Google purchased Picnik not long ago, and we all knew they were going to create an image editor/photoshop type app for Google Docs, they finally released it. Ever since Docs was created I was upset that they made the Drawings tool a part of Docs and Spreadsheets but you couldn't use it as a stand alone app and it had no special features to it. The new App for Drawings is standalone and allows you to import your images into your documents, allows you to save your images into JPG, SVG, PNG and PDF formats!

I'm sorry to say though, I'm not super impressed with this new addition, it's incredibly basic, it does have good tools for making lines but really, it needs quite a bit more, I hope that they make it into more of a simplistic Photoshop really, but that's probably just a dream.