Saturday, March 6, 2010

Google has incredibly cheap file storage!

Google has started supporting uploads of any file type to Google Docs not too long ago. However I can't believe how cheaply they are doing it. If I told you you can have 1 GB of space forever, for just a quarter what would you say? probably I'll take that deal!

That's EXACTLY what Google is doing, it's no wonder why my favorite web OS is closing it's doors to free users, how can you compete with 25 cent per gig service? They were providing almost infinite gigs for free, however when users start using up that space it starts to cost em. Ghost has told all their users they are dropping all of them, to only serve companies, it hurts seeing as I was one of the original beta testors for the product and I really loved it, it's such a useful web OS, it's cool, sleek customizeable, accessible from mobile phones, but again you can't compete with Google.

"Files that you store but don't convert can't be larger than 1 GB each. You get 1 GB of free storage for your Google Account, and you can purchase additional storage for $0.25 per GB.

Only stored files count towards the maximum limit. If you delete a file and empty trash, you get your storage back."

Google has the whole cloud computing thing right however Ghost took it to the next level, the level we all want it at, all your files online editable using any online file editor you choose, whether it be google docs, zoho, or other numerous editors, they even supported image editors.

Ghost shall be missed....

Google is Eliminating the need for human translators one step at a time

Google released a video of a prototype project they are working on involving Google Goggles.

Basically what the app does is uses your phone to take a picture of some text somewhere, and it sends that image to the google servers which analyze the image and grab all the text, then the data is sent to their translation server, all within a fraction of a second.

In the video a Google Employee, uses the product on a German restaurant's menu. instantly the Words are translated to English and you can order what you want off the menu :)

BuzzLink For Sale

There are services out there for sites like twitter so you can share links, apparently a guy bought a domain and hopes to sell it for $525,000(at the time of this posting). Sucks for him because he's not going to get that much.

Buzz allows you to post links and also allows embedding images so possible site similar to is totally pointless.

Oh well atleast domain names are cheap normally, he probably didn't pay much originally.

To see what's currently on check it out here
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Google drops SearchWiki for Starred results.... :(

Courtesy Google Operating System Blog
Google has removed their Search Wiki Feature in-exchange for a Starred results option. Google is slowly rolling this update out, if you still see your searchwiki, it will be gone within a few days according to Google.

I have to say I don't like this personally

I loved the ability to move certain results to the top when they are relevant to me.
I loved the ability to delete certain results, even it's POOF was cute and needed to stay
They removed the ability to comment on certain results

 Googles Search Wiki allowed users to move their results either to the top or the bottom of the page to make results more relevant to them. It also allowed users to comment on sites which I never found the use for but many people probably like leaving themselves notes about sites.

Now Google has released a feature that is basically Bookmarking straight from the search page....
They're stars, Google made it so you can star a result so then when you search again for similar searches it will display that at the top, and also it will add the result to your bookmarks in Google Docs, Chrome and Firefox(if you have it enabled in Firefox and Chrome)

Yes it's not that bad of an idea. However I personally don't favorite/bookmark a site before I check it out... so the whole star thing is flat out stupid.

at-least let us OPT-IN to the feature.

Google's post about removing SearchWiki

Google to make Google Docs users be able to collaborate with Microsoft Office users

Google has purchased DocVerse, Collaboration software for Microsoft Office. Google plans to make it possible to collaborate using Google Docs, with people on Microsoft Office.

DocVerse's blog offers an interesting perspective of a two former Microsoft employees: "We fundamentally believe that Google is one of the best positioned companies to truly disrupt the world of productivity software. We're looking forward to the opportunity to scale our vision at Google. Our first step will be to combine DocVerse with Google Apps to create a bridge between Microsoft Office and Google Apps."

Google says that you can no longer create a new DocVerse account, but there's a simple way to try the Microsoft Office plug-in. Download the setup and create a new account when DocVerse asks you to log in.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Youtube adds Auto-Captioning

Youtube today added an Auto-captioning feature. This will add captions to videos on Youtube automagically. This will make youtube videos enjoyable to both users with sound disabled and deaf users.

The Transcription will be shaky for a long time, just like it is/was with Google Voice. However Google Voice progressed quickly and now offers really close transcriptions every time.

I expect YouTube to go the same way with transcription. I expected to see this feature in youtube a long time ago, when I first saw the CC icon in youtube. I wondered, why haven't they started doing it? they have searching for audio available for political video, they need it now for regular youtube videos.

the image is of the Google Release of this new feature

BlogExplosion - Resource for bloggers

I just discovered a pretty cool site called BlogExplosion

Bloggers I highly recommend at least giving the site a look over, they provide tools for drawing in traffic to your blog.

Main Features:

  • Tons of free ways to earn credits to use toward traffic to your blog
  • banner exchange
  • link exchange
  • surf to earn credits system
  • Earn credits by playing games basically.

click the image above to check out the site.

Please know I would not post any affiliate or referral crap if I didn't truly like the service I am supporting.

I personally use the service and I think it's definately a cool unique system.
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Message to my regular readers

Sorry I've been doing posts in bursts lately, school and some other issues have been impeding my posting.

I just wanted to let you know that the bar at the bottom of my blog (if you're reading from the actual site instead of a feed reader) will remember you if you register your name on it. That way when polls are currently running your wont be asked numerous times about the same poll, also you will gain several features that are very nice, like chat, and some other fun stuff.

Okay and off of that, I just wanted to say I'm going to focus on Quality content from now on. I can't compete with sites like TechCrunch, rushing out posts like there's no tomorrow, however I can focus on keeping my posts  brief to the point, detailed, and also hopefully comical.

Oh and one more thing, I added a ReBuzz button to my blog so if you want to share any posts to your friends you may do so that way. I do have a super advanced sharing tool built into the bottom bar though and I suggest trying that out, it lets you pick any content on the page to share with a friend and even leave a message about that specific content.

reBuzz arrives!

The popular site TweetMeme has an indirect competitor, it's called ReBuzzThis.

Basically TweetMeme gives bloggers tools to make it easy for their viewers to post to their Twitter accounts directly from their blog.

reBuzzThis does the same thing only for Google Buzz, it's less featured than TweetMeme, and only tracks info for reBuzzes through their site and buttons, however it's a start and I expect it shall become big just like TweetMeme.

For bloggers here are the buttons you can get for your blog or website.

My personal Favorite /\

This comes in Blue Yellow Green and Red(to match the Google Buzz logo)

again this comes in blue yellow green and red

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny 404 Errors - It's My turn

Not everyone knows what a 404 error is, but everyone who has browsed the web has come across one once in their life.

A 404 error is simply when you try to go to a page of a site that doesn't exist. It returns an error that looks like the image below.

Web developers can provide their own version of a 404 error for the site your on, to both help you find what you're looking for, and to make you laugh out loud.
These are referred to as Custom 404 errors.

I've decided to join in and have a little fun, I'm currently designing a website for my church and thought of the idea for a custom 404, and here it is.
View it for yourself!

Here are some other 404's not created by yours truly.(click the images to enlarge them)

Even Major companies join in the fun!
Click here to see it for yourself

Twitter Fail Whale

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Funny pics from around the net

New England Road Sign(this is real, unedited)

just a flat out bad invention^^
Clever Divorce lawyer

More Net Funnies Funnies

Courtesy of Q-Wreck
Courtesy of Q-Wreck

EMBED-WOW Guy Angry About WOW And Irate About Star Trek Online - Watch more free videos

again courtesy of Q-Wreck

Below are a bunch of hilarious poses for rides n stuff

Google streetview employees need to get paid a little better I think.

In-case you can't view the image very well the guy is aiming a pistol at a kid. It's permanently displayed on Google maps.

Imagine your trying to learn a route to a friends house so you start tracing the route on streetview, and you come across that. Immediately I'd go DETOUR!

Seriously though, if Google streetview people are going to go through neighborhoods like that, they need a lil hazard pay.