Friday, February 19, 2010

ChatRoullette - Nazi

I recently posted asking people to go on chatroullette and do something hilarious, I posted a huge list. I have to say I didn't expect to see someone do this. One person dressed up as a Nazi, and had a swastika chillin' in the background.

You can't tell me that's not funny.
Now the picture above doesn't even compare to the one below.
click image to view full size
The peoples reactions are all you really need to see to LOL.

Note as far as I know the people pictured do not promote Nazism at all they are merely doing this for their own entertainment, you can't tell me if you were on a site like chat roullette and someone randomly appears looking like a Nazi General, you wouldn't die of laughter. Also I DO NOT PROMOTE NAZISM I AM ALSO NOT A NEO-NAZI Just clarifying...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ChatRoullette - Pranks that need to be done

ChatRoullette is a video chat website where you go there and get paired with a random stranger to chat with, most are perverts and some are even jacking off.

here are some screenshots posted by Tech Crunch

Now what I think would be funny is for someone to try some of the following pranks, if you do please let me know and please take atleast one screenshot(I will put it on my blog(censored of course))

  • Open the site up while at a pre-school, set children all around you, have them play games and stuff in the background, dress up as pedobear and start ChatRoulletting.
  • Get a picture of the host of Dateline NBC and hold it up to your webcam and when the other person appears on screen, start saying the following line "Welcome to Dateline NBC on how to catch a predator...."
  • Get a large party going at your house, get as many people around the computer as possible, then keep switching partners till you find a guy either half naked or MBing and just stare at them, don't talk just stare.
  • Dress up as a terrorist and when the person shows up, after a few minutes say "what?" casually like nothings odd.
  • mimic everything the other person does, try to be like a mirror image of them. Don't speak, if they open their mouth open yours just don't let words out.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Psychology of the Web

I'm going to try to study how people use the web. I'm working on a website to do just that.

Here is the idea of this website.

The website will hold my blog content on it, but it will also being a social network style site.

What I plan to do on the site is study how people browse the web. Basically every action that can be performed on the site I'm going to set it up so that action is recorded when it's performed. I want to analyze everything.

What the full goal of the site is, is to create an open public psychological database for web developers, I want developers like myself to be able to use the site to figure out
what makes people tick.

For example which word on a button will cause more people to use the button?

What colors of a page yield more visitors, what kind of media causes people to stay on the page longest?

All results of the study will be public. All user use will be voluntary. Privacy is a great concern that I will take great measures to promote.

A link to this website will be posted later on, I'm just trying to set it up right now.

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Windows 7 Phone Pictures Released *Live Posting*

Image by suchosch via Flickr
Microsoft has been designing their Windows 7 Mobile OS for over a year and finally some pictures are being leaked. Even the phones style links different. The Windows 7 Phone appears to be following suit of apples touch products by keeping the device thin, removing as many buttons as possible, and taking the Apps interface from Google Android, as you can see in this picture the apps are shown as large buttons piled onto the screen.

Maybe Windows is going to transform into an exact copy of the Android OS eventually.
Nexus One logo evolution
There are only 3 buttons on the actual phone itself, unless there are some hidden on the sides.

What to expect on the phone:
  • Built in camera, 3.5 megapixel or higher
  • regular headphone jack (most cell phone manufacturers require their own headphones that way they profit even more)

Note: Hardware is not usually designed by Microsoft itself, merely the software for the phone is designed by them, my expectations above are what the manufacturers will do with it.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Google has created something special for the Olympic Winter Games.

Google has setup a website that allows users to see all the stats on the Winter games, They have also used a snowmobile to cover most of the courses of the winter games so people online can use streetview to "ride down the slopes"

Check out the Winter Games with Google!

Passing time by modeling Minneapolis

I've been trying out Google Building maker trying to model as many buildings/objects as possible.

My models are not excellent but some are pretty good.
I've made a baseball field, and a water tower, as well as some business building I know nothing about.
Baseball field in Minneapolis, MN, USATower in Minneapolis, MN, USABuilding in Minneapolis, MN, US

You can check out all the models I'm working on and what-not on my Google warehouse profile.

Help me out and have some fun. I am, hell I don't know if a baseball field counts as a building but hey I made it haha
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