Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bloggers and static website owners, attract more users using a simple Toolbar

Lately I've been trying to find ways to make my blog less obtrusive, and yet more interactive.

The best solution I have found so far, is the Skysa Bar. Skysa is a website that allows you to create a customizeable toolbar for the bottom of your websites. The bar is fully customizeable you can add your own apps to it and really do alot with it, it allows your users to use your site socially, it has amazing features for sharing parts of your website to friends it's quite crazy.

There are apps for chatting, IMing, Games, Twitter... tons of apps.

Personally I suggest giving it a shot, because I've noticed it has made my blog less of a talk at my users site, versus an interactive smooth easy to navigate website.

The bar allows your users to make accounts on the bar for your website, that's one downside I kind of see, because I don't know how many people will be willing to just create an account to use the bar but it so far is pretty nice and has great features. If you are one of the many who actually visit my site rather than using a rss feed reader like Google Reader. You may have noticed my website has the bar on the bottom, and you may also have noticed the polls that I've been posting to my readers.

Anywho I suggest you give Skysa a shot, let me know what you think of it.
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Scams

Facebook, Inc.Image via Wikipedia
I have to say I'm surprised so many people are falling for these scams on facebook. There are tons of Group Scams going around trying to get users to invite other users. Basically this specific scam "FIND YOUR LOOK ALIKE" is the most rediculous of them all. There are over 800 thousand members all are inviting their friends because it says to do so in the group description.  The Group's leaders have done nothing to actually find your look alike, they are simply just trying to hit 1 million facebook users. Why? the answer is FREE Money...

People on Ebay and elsewhere on the internet people are buying Facebook groups that have 1 million plus members. Since it's a difficult thing to achieve people are paying a good amount for them.

Why would someone want a Facebook group with a million users?
Since you are in that group they can change the groups name and details then use it to advertise, They can post things to your Home page for you to read basically tons of ads. This makes them profit off of the millions of users.

If a group looks suspicious or it promises anything, don't join it it's most likely a scam.
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Facebook Changed their Home Page yet again, + plans to create Web-Mail Client

Facebook has changed their layout yet again. Atleast this time they've learned a little. However I know more complaining will arise like last time.
Excuse the blurred out names and photos I had to do it for privacy reasons.

Facebook has recently created a new layout for their site.
This new design is much better and makes the site more efficient and easier to navigate.
I noticed a few things though with this new layout. For example in the Account Menu, you see a credits balance button, showing that Facebook is planning on making credits more important. Maybe just maybe Facebook will make their credits universal so you can use them with all applications on Facebook, that way you can use paypal or other means to buy features for Facebook Apps!

Another Change they made that personally I find pointless is they kept the Chat bar at the bottom, however they also added an online friends portion of the site in the left hand column. Both show you the exact same thing... it just makes the page take longer to load.

Pluses to the new layout
  • Notifications, messages, and friend requests, all become more easily noticed.
  • Core applications and your favorite applications are accessible on the left column
  • Messages and Notifactions when clicked show snippets of the message.

What I suggest Facebook do to make it even better:
  • Eliminate the chat button in the bottom right, or get rid of the friends part on the left column
  • left column should follow browser scroll, meaning if you scroll down it will act like the chat button and stay with you, so you can access all of that information

Also Facebook apparently has plans to make a webmail client, your email addresses with Facebook would most likely be:
Vanity URL is something that you set.

Personally I won't be switching to facebook email, I'll stick with my Gmail, never deleting my old emails.

Facebook apparently unofficially calls it's new service a Gmail Killer, personally I can say that it's not going to kill Gmail, it may be decent but it can't top Gmail.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kwedit Cards

A new website has sprouted up, similar to Paypal, it's an online payment system, here's the interesting part though, it's geared towards teens. Normally Teens can't make purchases online since paypal is an inconvenience to get setup for a person under 18(not to mention illegal). So now they can, with a system similar to credit, basically teens can purchase items using credit(called Kwedit on the site). This site is currently geared towards online games but it's possible that it will branch out in the future.

PayPal Inc.Image via Wikipedia
Kwedit works like this, a user goes to an online service and clicks to pay for something using kwedit, when they do that they are prompted to make a promise to pay that service money in-exchange for the products.
Users don't pay right then they can wait to pay it off, there is no interest that builds or anything. However to get users to pay and pay it off quickly they have a system in place, there are rewards you get for paying off your debt. One reward is your kwedit score goes up(similar to the credit score) this allows you to use kwedit on more sites and more services trust you to pay off the debts.

There are several payment methods "You can make a payment at your local 7-Eleven. First, select a store location. Then, print a Kwedit Slip right on your home printer. Take the slip to the store you selected, and the clerk will scan the Kwedit Slip for you. Pay the required amount and make sure to save the receipt.
We'll notify you the following morning when your payment is processed. If you bring the receipt back to your computer and enter the store number printed on the receipt, we'll enter you in a drawing for a prize."
"You can send cash or a cashier's check to Kwedit in a handy pre-paid mailer you print at home (please note: coins and personal checks are not accepted).
Simply print out the mailer, fold it according to the instructions around your cash, tape it up, and drop it in the mail. We pay the postage!
We'll notify you when your payment is processed."
You can make a payment using your credit or debit card.
"With Kwedit's Pass the Duck service, you can ask friends and relatives to pay back your Promises. They can pay at a local retailer, send cash in a pre-paid mailer, or use a credit or debit card -- they can even Pass the Duck to someone else!
The Pass the Duck chain can keep on going. For example, you and your sister might ask your mother to pay, and she could then Pass the Duck to your grandparents who live across the country. Your grandmother can make a payment at a 7-Eleven near her, mail cash, or use a credit or debit card. All the while, you and sister can enjoy the virtual goods that your family is helping you purchase."

I do believe they do need paypal as a payment method but they don't have it. Really it should be Paypal, offers, and maybe as one of the rewards that the site offers they should credit your kwedit account with real money, so then you can buy something using money that's in there too.

One odd thing though I've thought of with this new payment system, is Kwedit kawds, this could put so many people in debt basically, it's basically a no interest credit card that you get rewards on!

Will this site get abused? YES!!
Is this site unique? YES!!
Will I use it to buy things? YES!!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 - great web application for keeping track of your health issues

I have stated elsewhere on this site, that I have clinical depression. I'm not going to preach about it and spread
Image representing MedHelp as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

 the word that it's real, I'll leave that to Health teachers in highschools, no I want everyone who has a mood disorder or health issue such as obesity, or others, even those who are pregnant or know of people who have a health issue or are pregnant.

MedHelp is a community style site, that allows you to track your symptoms for various health issues, for my depression I have a thing called a mood tracker, it allows me to track my depression and it's symptoms in high detail and view charts on it to see how well I'm doing, it also allows me to print my charts off to show to my doctor, I have also set my privacy settings so my girlfriend can view how I'm doing daily. My girlfriend has been a god-send when it comes to depression, she was the one who encouraged me to seek treatment and has stuck with me for so long helping me through the tough parts.

Not everyone has a mood disorder but you can also do trackers simalir to the mood tracker for your weight, for your diet, how much water you drink per day, and so much more. If you have a medical condition don't even hesitate to check this site out, go there, make an account test it out for a week or two if it's not for you it's not for you, but I guarantee you will learn something from the site, either about yourself or the other members of the site may teach you something about health conditions.
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Google to release Google Apps Marketplace(not for android but Google Apps)

Google already has a  place called the Google Solutions Marketplace, this  is a spot for developers to place their third party apps that use Google API's.

However Google hasn't stated much about it but it sounds like the new marketplace will be very different.

App stores are all the rage these days, it seems. Now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google’s about to launch a new one for businesses, focused around creating software for Google Apps.

According to the report, Google’s plan is to sell software built by third party developers to enhance Google’s suite of apps (e.g. Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Sites, GTalk). These outside apps could be for adding more security, enhancing word-processing features, or porting information into Google Apps.
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iPad release causes all out war between Adobe and Apple

You may have heard that Steve Jobs after releasing the iPad made some comments about Adobe's flash being very buggy, and a CPU eater. Well, that's not all that's happened in this company warfare.

Adobe is making it clear to users that it is not their fault that they can't use Flash on their Apple products by displaying a special page to users who try to access websites that use flash.

Adobe also launched a few ads s talking about this. Adobe even played the porn card. in the image below to the right you can see an advertisement Adobe threw together.

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