Thursday, January 21, 2010

YouTube Finally goes with HTML 5 Support

YouTube, LLCImage via Wikipedia
It was only a matter of time. YouTube can now be viewed in most modern browsers WITHOUT FLASH.

HTML 5 adds several new technologies to a developers toolbelt, one of the biggest is the new embed video tags. This makes Plugins like Flash, for video useless, it slows down your browsing and just plain makes watching vids on slower computers boring regardless of how nice the videos are.

To Try out YouTube without flash player go to YouTube's TestTube. Another thing to try on there is streaming and Feather.
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Google Docs, is now the File Storage center of the world

Google has just opened Google docs to store all types of files, there are no limits now, you can also upload files without converting them to Google Docs format.
When you open Google Docs you will see a little notification saying:
"New! Upload anything

Now you can upload all your files without converting them to Google Docs.
You can use Google Docs to open these files anywhere and share them with anyone."
I expect in the next few years google will become one of the most popular file sharing websites that there is.
Next Google will be emphasizing their pay for more space services. Also they will find a simple yet effective way to advertise in Google Documents.

Features I now expect to see in Google Docs:
  • An Image editor(one separate from the other document editors)
  • A way to sideload documents(a long way down the road) if you don't know what sideloading is, check out allows you to download files to your virtual computer directly, instead of having to download the files to your computer then to your virtual computer. 
  • Videos uploaded to Google documents will be possible to embed in documents and also there will be a button to submit them to YouTube.
  • Google will focus on improing the speed of their Collaboration system, making changes appear faster for other users.
  • Google Docs and Google Wave will start to use more of the same technologies and stay separate but still very simalir.
  • The ability to embed files into presentations spreadsheets and docs, that are not images nor video, these files will be download links within the file.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Wi-fi is only believed to Cause cancer, I'll tell you what it really causes.. headaches!

Wi-Fi logoImage via Wikipedia
Wi-fi causes as much radiation as a typical mobile phone mast.
Well it's still not certain if Wi-fi actually causes cancer, regardless of this people will still probably use it, but that's not what I'm talking about here, Wi-fi definitely causes headaches!

No, not from the being in an area with a wi-fi network, It's the setup that's a headache and the internet service providers know it and actually intend for it to be, that way they profit off of it! How you may wonder; Internet service providers allow you to pay from 90-100 bucks just to have your wifi network setup, It's a total scam, you don't need them for it it's really quite simple, but the problem is ISPs want to discourage that by making the process much harder than it needs to be.

Here's how:

  • hook everything up(5-15 mins even if your clueless about how to put it all together)
  • CD's that came with your router, your ISP your Modem should take 5 minutes to do all of it.
ISPs design their cds so that it's a pain in the ass to do it yourself they make you waste your whole frikin day setting up your wi-fi, setting up your internet, quite honestly the whole process requires almost no input from you after the initial setting up of the physical hardware, just enter in the name of your wifi network and enter the password and thats it. The rest is done automagically. problem is, the ISP's design the cds so that you don't know which ones to run in what order. Also all the cds are simply unnecessary, you only need to have one, the files on them aren't large enough to require more than one.

I've setup two wi-fi networks this past year and had the same problems both times. ISPs want you to find the work to be too difficult so you'll hire them to come out for a huge chunk of money and set it up for you within 15 minutes making you look like an idiot.

Here's my suggestion: Don't pay for them to install it, if they'll do it free go ahead and do that, otherwise here's my suggestion; after getting the hardware hooked up properly, call up your ISPs tech support and ask them to help you setup your internet and Wi-Fi, they will guide you step by step on how to do everything, Most of it they can do on their end for you. This way you basically get your Wi-Fi internet all setup in less than 30 mins and you save 100 bucks or so!

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Web Game Contest BEGINS NOW!

Promote your favorite web game!

For one month I will be running a contest, whichever web game that receives the best comments on this site, on this blog post. Will win the award.
The awards are as follows:

  • A Button that can be added to the winners site to show off that they won, it's a little trophy that you can put on your site basically. 
  • FREE Advertising on this site for 1 whole year(the ad will be on every page type of ad is your choice)

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Google Threatens the Chinese Government

Google recently told the Chinese government that if they don't make the internet accessible to all Chinese citizens they will end their services for China. No more search, no more Google documents, Google will vanish from the internet for Chinese citizens.

Google is a proud supporter of the internet being an open place for information and people to voice their opinions. China's government however doesn't quite share the same opinion of the internet, China has filters blocking tons of useful websites from 1.3 Billion people. China blocks it's people from going to any social networking sites and blogging sites, preventing their voice from being heard. Many Chinese people have set up proxy servers in other countries in order to allow them to use the internet as they please.

Google is taking a massive stand against china by stating they will leave. If China doesn't co-operate which I don't expect them to, Google will cut itself off from the largest population in the world. It will be hard for Google to go through with this though I think, since Google will be allowing services like Bing to thrive in China, creating basically a monopolistic Bing control over Chinese Search.