Friday, December 10, 2010

How to prep laptop for Christmas (as a gift)

Photo of a Dell XPS M140 Laptop.
I have been helping out a friend of my dad's at buying a laptop for a gift for her special someone, She's bought the computer and now I am going to prepare the computer for him by setting up a-Anti-virus, Anti-Malware, and I'll add a few special touches.
This is a step by step Guide on how you can prepare a laptop as someones gift.

  1. Get Anti-virus(this doesn't have to cost alot) you can go online and download Spybot Search and Destroy free, and you can download Panda Cloud Antivirus free.
  2. Install the anti-virus
  3. If the user is older, right click on the desktop and click personalize. Set the users text settings so the text size is easy to read.
  4. Create a wallpaper/background image, this is really easy, here's my suggestion, go on Google, search for christmas wrapping paper, save it to your computer open it in ms Paint or your preferred editor add the words "Merry Christmas *persons name* from *your name*" save, right click and set as wallpaper.
  5. Set user avatar, to do this click start>Icon by their name at the top of the start menu then there is a setting in there that allows you to pick the image, set it to be a picture of the person receiving the gift.
  6. Shut down the computer, put it back in the box and try to make it look like you never opened it wrap it up in wrapping paper.
  7. Put big nice bow on top
  8. Give it to the recipient!
  9. Watch their eyes widen before your very eyes!

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