Wednesday, June 23, 2010 creates excited pissed off customers

I just tried to log in to Adobe's it said it sent a verification email, which was strange because I've already done this before. Then it told me it failed, stating I already did it. So I can't log in.

I the annoyed person I am created a new account and tried going on, it sent me a verification email and same result, you can't access the site whatsoever! How does Adobe think their product is going to succeed if their users can't even log in.

Okay, so 20 minutes later I finally get the log-in to work I couldn't have faught more with it more.
Everything's good now...Right? WRONG!

After I'm signed in, and after I've gotten into their online app I go to upload a picture and it asks me to sign in again...

okay well this can't be all that bad then, so I sign in... oh my gawd... you're kidding me

Error: services are unavailable please try again later
I try signing in again and it oddly starts working.

okay, so, I start uploading pictures and created an album.

I go over to my app window and see that none of the stuff I uploaded is in my account and the albums are not there. Fabulous!

I've used photoshop before and it's my favorite paid program, I'm sorry but this online version just isn't for me until they fix all of these bugs.

It's been over an hour now, I still haven't gotten to edit my images just yet, but don't worry I'm persistent I'll get there...eventually..

Okay so I've closed and reopened the web app version of photoshop, my albums have appeared. Time to DIG  in to photoshop and start editing!

Okay so here's my first few thoughts on it so far:

  • No layers  - which is one of the things that made photoshop popular
  • It does have some Touch up tools that are pretty nice, so this is pretty good for photo editors who don't have the full downloadable program.
  • There are a lot of basic functions which is to be expected, it's a new web app.
  • There's a decorate button which gives you tools to add cartoony elements to your photos. Honestly I don't like it but I'll give them credit it's a feature someone will use.
  • It has tons of tools to share the photos so that's definitely nice.

Okay now I've found some impressive features. The app has a Distort feature which works much like the distort feature in photoshop with less customization however it can create effects similar to the Apple iPhotobooth program. There's also a Sketch feature which attempts to make the photo look like a sketch, it works pretty well, I'm not going to argue with that. The problem with a lot of their features is that they effect the entire picture not just the areas you want.

My over all opinion of the app is that it has a lot of bugs when it comes to logging in, and that the speed is slow however that's not all their fault it's a flash app, oh wait that's right... Adobe created flash.. oh brother. Anyways I say if you plan on storing photos online or exhibiting your artwork go ahead, but don't use it to edit photos unless you only need a minor change or are touching up a photo.

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