Sunday, May 2, 2010

Panda Cloud Antivirus updates to 1.1

I reviewed Panda Cloud Anti-virus a long time ago, saying it's good but I didn't like the fact that it asks you to uninstall your other anti-virus programs, I don't personally know if they took that part out of the new version 1.1. However there are tons of great new features that really makes me happy to use Panda Cloud Anti-virus(abbreviated PCA).
The new scan types in PCA1.1

What's new in version 1.1?
Advanced Settings area of PCA 1.1
  • New interface- it still looks the same however they added many new features and made the program more aesthetically pleasing, which I thought the first version was already aesthetically pleasing to be honest.
  • New Scan types- This is a big one, the original PCA had 2 options, scan specific files, and regular scan. Now PCA has Optimized Scan, Scan All My Computer(all files), and Scan Other Items(which just means scan specific files and folders basically)
  • They modified the look of the recycle bin tab in the program
  • Added a settings button in the bottom right of the program which has a very cool little flipping animation when you click it.
  • In the new settings menu they offer the ability to setup PCA to automatically Vaccinate your flash drives and USB devices as well as your computer.
  • There's an advanced settings area, which I am glad they added, for two reasons, I personally like using as many security features as possible on as few programs as I can. Also this program is good for users who are not familiar with computers in that it has default settings set for the reccommended settings for novices. It also has a checkbox stating that you verify you are knowledgeable in anti-viruses which adds more advanced settings, for you to choose. I like this Idea because novices don't need to know how to set all the confusing settings up, they just need it done so they can go about their own business. I on the other hand as well as some more geeky peeps like having the advanced options.
  • Behavioral Analysis- in essence this was in the original PCA however now there are settings for it, basically PCA sends files it's uncertain of, to get checked out by the PCA team, they verify it's safety and that helps everyone else using PCA. PCA 1.1 allows you to set if you want the file to be blocked until you it receives the 'all clear' on your file, that way suspicious files don't get a chance to corrupt your computer before it's been checked out.
  • Recycle bin time out- you can set how many days you want the recycle bin to show history for.
  • Exclusions - the advanced settings now has a simple easy to use file exclusion tool which prevents files from being scanned.(If you for some reason trust the file, but the program doesn't)
Over all I say this update has dramatically improved the program and I'm eager to see what's next in it's development!

I recommend getting PCA it's one of my favorite free Anti Virus programs!

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  1. Good luck with that. It slowed my system to a crawl, so I changed back to the previous version.


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