Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me.ChaCha or ChaCha.me

ChaCha is a Q n A tool where real people search for answers to questions that you text in. ChaCha has taken this idea to a new level, they brought it to the social level. ChaCha now has Me.ChaCha.com which allows users to ask each-other questions, simple but addicting. It's like Twitter but you're asking questions not telling what you are currently doing unless of course someone asked you what you were doing.

ChaCha.me users are called ChaChees, which happens to be quite a cool nickname to use, similar to Twitter's Tweeps.

I suggest you try out the new service, you can integrate it with many other services including Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and More!

You can set up your phone to receive questions from people and also you can ask people questions through ChaCha's number 242242 by including "@username" similar to Twitter and Facebook.

in reference to: ChaCha.me | Ask Anyone Anything (view on Google Sidewiki)


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