Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ask The Web Tech!

Everyone knows I work for ChaCha, it's been kind of an on-going conversation, everyone goes up to me and asks me dozens of questions related to ChaCha and what not but anyways this is not about ChaCha.

I want to interact with you, my visitors, I want to talk to you one on one, I can't obviously chill in the chat all day long I have better things to do. But you can ask me questions at any time of the day, through a new Social networking site called basically the site is all about asking specific people questions, and getting their answers. You don't need an account to ask questions. I have a widget here for you to ask me questions, and I will answer them as quickly as possible. I will also work on finding a good way to integrate the widget into my site, I'm thinking I'll add it into the app bar.
Ask away!

I will be posting about questions that I got which I liked, and ones that I wanted to share the answers to and what not!

Ask me about, Google, anti-virus programs, ChaCha, Web Applications, Cell Phones, anything at all! Got a computer problem? ask away!

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