Friday, March 5, 2010

Message to my regular readers

Sorry I've been doing posts in bursts lately, school and some other issues have been impeding my posting.

I just wanted to let you know that the bar at the bottom of my blog (if you're reading from the actual site instead of a feed reader) will remember you if you register your name on it. That way when polls are currently running your wont be asked numerous times about the same poll, also you will gain several features that are very nice, like chat, and some other fun stuff.

Okay and off of that, I just wanted to say I'm going to focus on Quality content from now on. I can't compete with sites like TechCrunch, rushing out posts like there's no tomorrow, however I can focus on keeping my posts  brief to the point, detailed, and also hopefully comical.

Oh and one more thing, I added a ReBuzz button to my blog so if you want to share any posts to your friends you may do so that way. I do have a super advanced sharing tool built into the bottom bar though and I suggest trying that out, it lets you pick any content on the page to share with a friend and even leave a message about that specific content.

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