Saturday, March 6, 2010

Google to make Google Docs users be able to collaborate with Microsoft Office users

Google has purchased DocVerse, Collaboration software for Microsoft Office. Google plans to make it possible to collaborate using Google Docs, with people on Microsoft Office.

DocVerse's blog offers an interesting perspective of a two former Microsoft employees: "We fundamentally believe that Google is one of the best positioned companies to truly disrupt the world of productivity software. We're looking forward to the opportunity to scale our vision at Google. Our first step will be to combine DocVerse with Google Apps to create a bridge between Microsoft Office and Google Apps."

Google says that you can no longer create a new DocVerse account, but there's a simple way to try the Microsoft Office plug-in. Download the setup and create a new account when DocVerse asks you to log in.

A section of this post was reblogged from Google Operating System to get the exact quotations.

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