Saturday, March 6, 2010

Google has incredibly cheap file storage!

Google has started supporting uploads of any file type to Google Docs not too long ago. However I can't believe how cheaply they are doing it. If I told you you can have 1 GB of space forever, for just a quarter what would you say? probably I'll take that deal!

That's EXACTLY what Google is doing, it's no wonder why my favorite web OS is closing it's doors to free users, how can you compete with 25 cent per gig service? They were providing almost infinite gigs for free, however when users start using up that space it starts to cost em. Ghost has told all their users they are dropping all of them, to only serve companies, it hurts seeing as I was one of the original beta testors for the product and I really loved it, it's such a useful web OS, it's cool, sleek customizeable, accessible from mobile phones, but again you can't compete with Google.

"Files that you store but don't convert can't be larger than 1 GB each. You get 1 GB of free storage for your Google Account, and you can purchase additional storage for $0.25 per GB.

Only stored files count towards the maximum limit. If you delete a file and empty trash, you get your storage back."

Google has the whole cloud computing thing right however Ghost took it to the next level, the level we all want it at, all your files online editable using any online file editor you choose, whether it be google docs, zoho, or other numerous editors, they even supported image editors.

Ghost shall be missed....


  1. Because of you i got to know about skysa footer bar..Thanx..

  2. Thanks for reading sysblaze. It's good to know you got something useful out of my blog.


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