Monday, February 15, 2010

Windows 7 Phone Pictures Released *Live Posting*

Image by suchosch via Flickr
Microsoft has been designing their Windows 7 Mobile OS for over a year and finally some pictures are being leaked. Even the phones style links different. The Windows 7 Phone appears to be following suit of apples touch products by keeping the device thin, removing as many buttons as possible, and taking the Apps interface from Google Android, as you can see in this picture the apps are shown as large buttons piled onto the screen.

Maybe Windows is going to transform into an exact copy of the Android OS eventually.
Nexus One logo evolution
There are only 3 buttons on the actual phone itself, unless there are some hidden on the sides.

What to expect on the phone:
  • Built in camera, 3.5 megapixel or higher
  • regular headphone jack (most cell phone manufacturers require their own headphones that way they profit even more)

Note: Hardware is not usually designed by Microsoft itself, merely the software for the phone is designed by them, my expectations above are what the manufacturers will do with it.
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