Monday, February 15, 2010

Psychology of the Web

I'm going to try to study how people use the web. I'm working on a website to do just that.

Here is the idea of this website.

The website will hold my blog content on it, but it will also being a social network style site.

What I plan to do on the site is study how people browse the web. Basically every action that can be performed on the site I'm going to set it up so that action is recorded when it's performed. I want to analyze everything.

What the full goal of the site is, is to create an open public psychological database for web developers, I want developers like myself to be able to use the site to figure out
what makes people tick.

For example which word on a button will cause more people to use the button?

What colors of a page yield more visitors, what kind of media causes people to stay on the page longest?

All results of the study will be public. All user use will be voluntary. Privacy is a great concern that I will take great measures to promote.

A link to this website will be posted later on, I'm just trying to set it up right now.

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  1. These studies are already well-known. Read "Submit Now" written by Andrew Chak.

  2. I'll look that up.

    I unfortunately most likely won't be able to run the psychology of the web website anyways, the host I was going to use, after i setup my site, told me I have a week left till they delete it.


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