Tuesday, February 2, 2010

MedHelp.org - great web application for keeping track of your health issues

I have stated elsewhere on this site, that I have clinical depression. I'm not going to preach about it and spread
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 the word that it's real, I'll leave that to Health teachers in highschools, no I want everyone who has a mood disorder or health issue such as obesity, or others, even those who are pregnant or know of people who have a health issue or are pregnant.

MedHelp is a community style site, that allows you to track your symptoms for various health issues, for my depression I have a thing called a mood tracker, it allows me to track my depression and it's symptoms in high detail and view charts on it to see how well I'm doing, it also allows me to print my charts off to show to my doctor, I have also set my privacy settings so my girlfriend can view how I'm doing daily. My girlfriend has been a god-send when it comes to depression, she was the one who encouraged me to seek treatment and has stuck with me for so long helping me through the tough parts.

Not everyone has a mood disorder but you can also do trackers simalir to the mood tracker for your weight, for your diet, how much water you drink per day, and so much more. If you have a medical condition don't even hesitate to check this site out, go there, make an account test it out for a week or two if it's not for you it's not for you, but I guarantee you will learn something from the site, either about yourself or the other members of the site may teach you something about health conditions.
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