Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gooogle unveiled a new service today, called Google Buzz

Google Buzz is basically Gmail and Google Wave Combined.

Google Buzz is basically like a social networking site in itself, its almost like an extension to Gmail.
First thing you notice when you go on is the Twitter/Facebook like Status bar that you can use to post statuses "Share what you're thinking. Post a picture, video, or other link here."
As you can see from my picture, it keeps your Gmail theme intact, however portions of the text are hard to read because the theme colors the text funky.
"Your Google Reader shared itemsPicasa Web public albums, and Google Chat status messages will automatically appear as posts in Buzz. To edit your connected sites or change privacy settings, view connected sites."

So far Buzz is like Twitter and facebook combined into Gmail. This is probably to combat Facebooks Project Titan(Their project to create a webmail service that is nicknamed by the facebook staff as "The Gmail Killer")
So Gmail has gone Social.

Log on today and check it out!

This shall provide some interesting new competition between the social networking sites.

What I want to know is, what happend to Google's Orkut? are they giving it up to work on Buzz?

Orkut hasn't really caught on in the US, it has in other countries, but still, why is Google seemingly abandoning it to create a new social network, only networked with Gmail?

Looks alot like twitter, they even call people followers!
The video below is a video of the Google Buzz release

You can also link your posts to other users, here is a buzz post of my own.

I just discovered you can also connect Buzz to many sites making it possible to auto post buzz's

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