Saturday, February 13, 2010 VC Gets a huge upgrade, a very successful Browser Based Operating system has really taken flight recently. has changed their web address,(I liked the old one :() to a new one aimed more at business,
Ghost now serves a major new feature, called the portal which doesn't involve the web top at all, it's a new way to access your files quickly and easily as well as your web apps.
for more information on you can read my past post about it. Virtual Computer
The VC is still there, and so is the mobile client. However they have moved both from to

Ghost has also changed their 15 gb per new user policy to 1 gb, which makes sense because well 15 gbs is a sheet ton to issue out to each user seeing as they're traffic rating shows that they get around 10-20 thousand visitors a day. That's an enormous amount of gigs to be shelling out for free. as you can see by the new website, is quickly losing its focus on the webtop and trying to focus on selling it to businesses.

Hopefully this service will remain free, and everyone with their current storage on gets to keep their current storage. I have 80 Gigabytes of space on and trust me that'd be one major loss if they dropped it.

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