Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Scams

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I have to say I'm surprised so many people are falling for these scams on facebook. There are tons of Group Scams going around trying to get users to invite other users. Basically this specific scam "FIND YOUR LOOK ALIKE" is the most rediculous of them all. There are over 800 thousand members all are inviting their friends because it says to do so in the group description.  The Group's leaders have done nothing to actually find your look alike, they are simply just trying to hit 1 million facebook users. Why? the answer is FREE Money...

People on Ebay and elsewhere on the internet people are buying Facebook groups that have 1 million plus members. Since it's a difficult thing to achieve people are paying a good amount for them.

Why would someone want a Facebook group with a million users?
Since you are in that group they can change the groups name and details then use it to advertise, They can post things to your Home page for you to read basically tons of ads. This makes them profit off of the millions of users.

If a group looks suspicious or it promises anything, don't join it it's most likely a scam.
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