Friday, February 5, 2010

Facebook Changed their Home Page yet again, + plans to create Web-Mail Client

Facebook has changed their layout yet again. Atleast this time they've learned a little. However I know more complaining will arise like last time.
Excuse the blurred out names and photos I had to do it for privacy reasons.

Facebook has recently created a new layout for their site.
This new design is much better and makes the site more efficient and easier to navigate.
I noticed a few things though with this new layout. For example in the Account Menu, you see a credits balance button, showing that Facebook is planning on making credits more important. Maybe just maybe Facebook will make their credits universal so you can use them with all applications on Facebook, that way you can use paypal or other means to buy features for Facebook Apps!

Another Change they made that personally I find pointless is they kept the Chat bar at the bottom, however they also added an online friends portion of the site in the left hand column. Both show you the exact same thing... it just makes the page take longer to load.

Pluses to the new layout
  • Notifications, messages, and friend requests, all become more easily noticed.
  • Core applications and your favorite applications are accessible on the left column
  • Messages and Notifactions when clicked show snippets of the message.

What I suggest Facebook do to make it even better:
  • Eliminate the chat button in the bottom right, or get rid of the friends part on the left column
  • left column should follow browser scroll, meaning if you scroll down it will act like the chat button and stay with you, so you can access all of that information

Also Facebook apparently has plans to make a webmail client, your email addresses with Facebook would most likely be:
Vanity URL is something that you set.

Personally I won't be switching to facebook email, I'll stick with my Gmail, never deleting my old emails.

Facebook apparently unofficially calls it's new service a Gmail Killer, personally I can say that it's not going to kill Gmail, it may be decent but it can't top Gmail.

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