Thursday, February 11, 2010

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Google released buzz recently and I've done some thinking about this new social platform.

The biggest thing Google Buzz will allow is students to use Buzz AT SCHOOL, and employees will also be able to use it at work. Why?

Because currenty filters used in schools and businesses don't block sections of websites, it's hard to even implement that. Schools especially can't block users from accessing Gmail, it's an email service, students need that to grab files they worked on from home for assignments and whatnot. Gmail, is the best place to put buzz, right next to integrating it with Youtube.

My school's youtube Policy: They changed the filter so it blocked Youtube, this lasted for 2 days, after those 2 days the school allowed students and teachers to use Youtube again.  Why did this occur? Easy all the teachers and students complained, in-fact many students use YouTube as a teaching aid. One teacher at my school was having students make a video for a presentation, the students made the video and put it on YouTube, but the school had YouTube blocked, making the presentations basically pointless because they couldn't get to YouTube. Soon after this they unblocked YouTube.

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