Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blogger just can't put aside his personal opinion of Google for a second to talk about Buzz

I ran across a blog post, about Google Buzz, by a guy who has it all wrong.

His title reads "With Buzz, Google takes another giant step towards turning into Microsoft"

First off, yes, Google is doing only one similar thing to Microsoft, quickly taking over the internet like a brushfire.
However comparing it to Microsoft is not fair, Google has fixed all of their privacy issues as soon as they are discovered. Google also doesn't charge for their services, yes it harms other companies since they can't compete. But over all it benefits consumers greatly.

In the article John Naughton talks about Microsoft's early stages of Internet Explorer, and the beginning of the browser wars. He says that Buzz being locked into Gmail is like Windows starting with it's own IE web browser. It's true they are giving you their own product, but one you have to opt to use it, also you can opt to remove it at anytime, they have fixed the privacy issues he mentions within the first 2 days of releasing Buzz. Plus please do remember, Internet Explorer is best used for downloading Firefox or Chrome. If you don't like Buzz don't use it. If you want to utilize your current social networks feel free to set up your buzz account to grab your other social networks so then your not missing out on reaching people.

Note to other bloggers: get your facts straight, get off your pedestal, and make some legitimate posts, stating your opinion isn't bad but don't confuse your opinion with fact.

To view Johns post click here.
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