Thursday, January 7, 2010

Web Game Contest!

I'm going to put up a contest, it's not starting until Monday, Jan 18,(one day after my girlfriends birthday).

The contest is simple:
Submit a web game as a comment to the contest's post.
The more users who post that game as a comment, boost that games odds of winning.
The contest will last probably a week(the official post will contain all info)

What I am specifically looking for in a web game:

  • Game must be a web game(play in your web browser)
  • preferably no plugins required but that's not a rule
  • Good Graphics, plays like a regular video-game or atleast similar (here's an example PseudoQuest)

The Winning Game will win this prize:

  • A Game Review
  • An ad on this site that will stay up for one whole year FREE(THAT IS ALOT OF POTENTIAL PLAYERS)
  • A simple Award Button that can be placed on the games site, showing everyone how purely awesome it is!
  • Maybe more if I get more Ideas.
You do not have to be the creator of the game to submit the game.
No arcade style games(games that you would find on newgrounds are not what I'm looking for, flash is allowed but not minigames like that)

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