Sunday, January 3, 2010

Site Redesign

I know that many of my readers including probably you, read my blog in a feed reader but this may make you want to visit the site every now and then.

I have simplified the site. I used to use a fancy design, and now I scrapped that design for something simple. "Why?" you may ask. The reason is simple, the more simple the site, the easier the page is on the eyes, and also on your internet connection. I want reading my blog to be speedy, easy, and helpful. I'm not blogging for money, I'm purely focused on my content. I want you to learn interesting new things every time you read one of my blog posts!

I want sharing my blog to be easy for the amazing people who actually go and do so -- THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I've added and remodeled some sharing buttons that appear under my blog posts. So if you find something interesting let others know, they may find it interesting too!

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