Saturday, January 2, 2010

Movie:Julie and Julia

Now I'm not into cooking really, but this movie was quite funny and I highly suggest watching it if you are a blogger or enjoy cooking.

If you are a blogger you will notice a lot of similar issues and things that real bloggers face.
  • keeping at it - This is probably the most difficult challenge to blogging.
  • Personal Deadlines - this is something many bloggers do to make sure they keep at it.
  • lack of user comments and lack of hits - many people are discouraged by this, and it causes them to stop, keeping at it.
  • Personal Blogs - the most abundant type of blog, usually fail, but alot of people create this type of blog because they want to do a diary, but they hate writing in journals. Also it's a psychological thing that people write diaries with the secret subconscious desire for someone to read them.
  • Encouragement - Blog readers tend to leave encouraging posts to your blog, sometimes they will send you money, gifts or information to help you with your blog.
  • Learning - blogging is usually a learning experience, regardless of whether you have a successful blog or not. Especially if you have a focus for your blog.
  • Relationships - sometimes bloggers can become obsessed with blogging and put off things with family and friends because of it.
  • Success - Meeting your blogging goals is possible, and when you meet them, you feel great!
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