Sunday, January 24, 2010

Memiary - Online Diary for the modern world

A lot of people now days want to write a diary, problem is, we're all too impatient to sit down and jam out an entry. One man has changed that. Now you can write a diary, where you enter 5 major important events of the day, that's it, no fluff, it takes no time at all to do, got 5 minutes? bam in the time it takes you to post on twitter you can post on Memiary. Memiary can also be set to send email reminders to you to encourage you to use it(for the more forgetful folk out there). Basically here's how it works, your entries are limited to a certain amount of characters, that way you can go into a ton of detail, however you feel less like you have to put in a ton. That way for little things you can make some quick notes to yourself about the day.

Memiary also allows you to plan things in advance, being both a diary and planner. Basically you can write entries in the future in-case you want to remember something down the road. Memiary allows you to tag your entries so you can find them later, like for example I use the tags so I can see when I've hung out with my girlfriend, also I have depression and I use the tags to jot down quick notes to myself about how I was that day so if my doctor ever asks me how I was on a certain day I can instantly show him related entries for every single day(or simply tell him what days I was feeling what).

I should probably let you know what Memiary means, Memiary is a combination of the word Memory and Diary. Mem-iary pronounced Memory, though I like to call it Memy-airy, and sometimes even Mem-miary. Don't refer to it as a Journal, a Journal is what little girls keep hidden under their mattress. It's not a Diary, you're cooler than that. It's a Memiary!

I highly suggest Memiary to anyone interested in starting their own diary, and definitely to people who have horrible memories(I'm one of them). Memiary is easy, addicting, and down right cool!

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