Friday, January 29, 2010

Have a Digital Valentines Day

I like doing creative things for my girlfriend and I'm sure many guys out there do too, so here's a list of gifts you can give your girlfriends that both reflect your love and geekiness.

My personal Favorite
This is the Think geek 8-bit dynamic life shirt
What it does is when you are close to your girlfriend both of your shirts will show a full amount of hearts, if you are separated, it will decrease the amount of hearts displayed!

It's also good for cheesy romantic jokes.

The Girl's Guide to dating a Geek

Girl's gotta know how to take care of her geek!

This one I came up with, it's a computer chip pendant, basically, get a computer chip, paint it red punch a hole in it and string some string through and there ya go.

Warning, this shirt requires a +12 in Charisma to wear.


You have to make it yourself but it will be even more special
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