Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Google Chrome Extensions

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I've been doing a little Extension hunting for Chrome lately and I have some to show off.

Here are kind of my general Extension/Add-On Commandments:

  1. Thou shalt not take my screen real-estate!
  2. Thou must not add advertisements...ANYWHERE!
  3. Thou Shalt not collect my private data and use it elsewhere
  4. Thou shalt work most of the time
  5. Thou shalt not slow down my browser significantly.
Five simple rules. Yet many Firefox extensions fail to meet them. Chrome seems to handle extensions better at-least in my personal opinion than Firefox does, however I do know that the current Chrome Extensions are much more limited than Firefox's. Firefox is the browser best known for it's extensions and it's amazing speeds and known by web devs to be the best at supporting new languages + tags.

Anywho Chrome is a browser that really focuses alot on Screen real-estate and speed.
So one of the things I wanted to find since my internet speed sucks horribly, was an extension that will actually speed up Chrome even more.

I found, FastestFox, a Firefox Extension ported to chrome. This extension has so many great features making browsing faster, my favorites are pagination(this means when you scroll to the bottom of a page, of a multi-page ordered site like a blog or a search engine result page it will automatically load the next page while you browse so you can just scroll down and it's there) and the behind the scenes speed improvements.

There is also a feature, that I haven't really used much where if you highlight something, a little popup appears and gives you options of what to do with the highlighted text, like Tweet it, Facebook, Myspace, wiki and Google it

I also use what is called One Number, I grabbed this one not because it's the best extension for Gmail, or anything like that, I grabbed it because it basically does what I had 4 different extensions doing, checking my gmail, Wave, RSS Feeds, and Google Voice, it's just not necessary to have so many extensions cluttering the toolbar so I got rid of them and now I use One Number.

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