Sunday, January 3, 2010

Google's Most Overlooked Powerful Feature

Google has had this feature on their search engine for a long time but most people never even try it, let alone know about it, but it's so useful and so powerful, it's insane that people don't use it more!

The feature I'm talking about is Subscribed Links. Most people don't fully know what that feature is or does.

Basically Google Subscribed links modifies Google Search, so lets say you are trying to find out information such as weather in your area, you would normally search something along the lines of "Weather, cityname", well instead of seeing a ton of links to weather sites, you can add a subscribed link, that will display a weather map and simple forcast for you, right on the Google search result page.

Maybe that's not what you want, maybe you are interested in movies? well now you can use subscribed links to see a synopsis of the movie your searching for as well as ratings and reviews of the movie right in the Google result page.

There is a lot of possibility in subscribed links, that hasn't really been discovered.

Try out Google subscribed links

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