Friday, January 8, 2010

Google Translate = THE END of multi-language websites = Universal web!

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Google Translate has new tools for websites to become multi-lingual, this will probably end websites with separate versions for different languages.

It's difficult and time consuming translating your website into multiple languages. Until technologies like Google Translate and similar sites, most webmasters found that that task was not worth even bothering putting in effort.

Google Translate automatically translates your site into 51 languages, instantly, and semi-accurately, if anything doesn't translate correctly, users can make corrections to translations too!

I expect in that within 10 years the web will be truly universal, going onto a Chinese website would be no problem, you would be able to read every word of it in your primary language. Imagine going to Google, and seeing an option to allow non-English sites to show in your results, and the Chinese language results would be all translated to your language.

Pure awesome I think. I have several addons and stuff that use Google Translate to automatically translate sites I view to english when I visit them, however the occasion that I visit non-English sites is so rare, it's practically useless. There are tons of non-English sites out there, but English websites don't link to em, and you don't get em on Google search. Google Translate could eventually change that.

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