Sunday, January 17, 2010

Google Threatens the Chinese Government

Google recently told the Chinese government that if they don't make the internet accessible to all Chinese citizens they will end their services for China. No more search, no more Google documents, Google will vanish from the internet for Chinese citizens.

Google is a proud supporter of the internet being an open place for information and people to voice their opinions. China's government however doesn't quite share the same opinion of the internet, China has filters blocking tons of useful websites from 1.3 Billion people. China blocks it's people from going to any social networking sites and blogging sites, preventing their voice from being heard. Many Chinese people have set up proxy servers in other countries in order to allow them to use the internet as they please.

Google is taking a massive stand against china by stating they will leave. If China doesn't co-operate which I don't expect them to, Google will cut itself off from the largest population in the world. It will be hard for Google to go through with this though I think, since Google will be allowing services like Bing to thrive in China, creating basically a monopolistic Bing control over Chinese Search.

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