Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Google Personalized Search

Many Google fans and techies know this but non-techies don't.

Google Search learns from your searches, it remembers how you search for things and attempts to make suggestions based on what you search, that way you get the information you want instead of a ton of links to things you don't care about. Google does this for non-Google Account holders and Google Account Holders. (Google Accounts are free by the way and have a ton of free services and benefits.)

In figure 1(click it to make the image larger) I searched for "Technologic logic" it's the title of my blog, I've searched this before, Google knows what result I liked when I searched last for this, and boosts that result higher in the list so I can find it easier if thats what I'm looking for. I clicked the symbol by it to make my blog show as the first result, this isn't quite what I mean by Google learning but it's related. Let's say you like a certain site, but you always forget the web address. Here's what you can do:

Let's say you like Billy Bob Thorton's wiki page and you visit it alot but you can never remember that long address for it, so you always Google it.

Well now you can click the little up arrow by the search result(shown in figure 2), clicking this will pin the result to the top of the search results, this will make it so if you search for billy bob or anything related to him, you will see the wiki page as one of the first few results.

You can even click the speech bubble button, to leave a note to yourself about a site for example you can click it and enter into the box "Great site for information on Billy Bob!" the next time you search for Billy Bob
you will see that comment by that search result.

Is a search result totally irrelevant or not what you were looking for? remove it! YOU HAVE THE POWA!!!!
If you click the little X next to a search result it will remove that search result (POOF!(literally))so the next time you search for something related to billy bob, that item will not be listed(or will be listed at the very bottom of the page if google still believes it is relevant)

With a Google account you can access your Personalized Search from anywhere just by logging in to your account then searching.

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  1. Thanks for the info! When I go to google, I don't see the "x" and upward arrow anywhere, and now see a star next to the title of each link. Can you tell me what this is, and where the "x" and arrow went?

  2. Yes, Google Removed their old way of personalizing search. Unfortunately Google got rid of what was called SearchWiki and replaced it with these stupid stars.

    It pissed me off too! lol Thanks for commenting!


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