Thursday, January 21, 2010

Google Docs, is now the File Storage center of the world

Google has just opened Google docs to store all types of files, there are no limits now, you can also upload files without converting them to Google Docs format.
When you open Google Docs you will see a little notification saying:
"New! Upload anything

Now you can upload all your files without converting them to Google Docs.
You can use Google Docs to open these files anywhere and share them with anyone."
I expect in the next few years google will become one of the most popular file sharing websites that there is.
Next Google will be emphasizing their pay for more space services. Also they will find a simple yet effective way to advertise in Google Documents.

Features I now expect to see in Google Docs:
  • An Image editor(one separate from the other document editors)
  • A way to sideload documents(a long way down the road) if you don't know what sideloading is, check out allows you to download files to your virtual computer directly, instead of having to download the files to your computer then to your virtual computer. 
  • Videos uploaded to Google documents will be possible to embed in documents and also there will be a button to submit them to YouTube.
  • Google will focus on improing the speed of their Collaboration system, making changes appear faster for other users.
  • Google Docs and Google Wave will start to use more of the same technologies and stay separate but still very simalir.
  • The ability to embed files into presentations spreadsheets and docs, that are not images nor video, these files will be download links within the file.

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