Thursday, January 7, 2010

Google and Intel going Moto

Yes, I said Moto, not Mobile.

What I mean is despite the safety concerns with people using their phones in cars, tweeting, texting, checking their Facebook, and heaven forbid making a phone call on their tiny pocket sized computers we call "Cell Phones", Google and Intel have created a Dashboard computer for your car, that allows you to browse the internet!

MyFord is another service that offers something simalir, they allow you to make calls from your car while moving(nothing new) but they also have a web browser, This browser though is only usable when the car is in park.

I believe Google will also put in place similar Safe guards. But imagine if they don't, you pull up to a stoplight look to the person in the car next to you, with the music blaring so loud you can feel your own car vibrate, they may not be just listening to music, maybe their watching music videos on YouTube! People already suck at driving, we don't need shitty drivers playing flash games on the fly.

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