Saturday, January 9, 2010


This site called Foursquare has been getting a lot of buzz lately, basically the game turns life into a game.

Your location in the world is how you play the game, everywhere you go you can gain points by "checking in" this gains you points and so does completing tasks in certain areas. You can earn Badges for completing certain tasks in certain areas too.
My favorite part of this site is the fact that you can leave notes for your friends in certain locations, lets say they go to a restaurant you like, well you can leave em advice on what to get there. You could leave em a funny note or a reminder of what you guys have done there.

What I don't like about the site/game is that everyone can see where you are, well sort-of. See everyone posts Check Ins and when you do that instantly everyone can see where you posted that. If you haven't checked in for a while your location will be inaccurate, but still I'm not sure I like that Idea, yes I like that friends could meet me places, but no I don't like that someone could use that info to break into my house, or other serious problems.
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