Friday, December 10, 2010

How to prep laptop for Christmas (as a gift)

Photo of a Dell XPS M140 Laptop.
I have been helping out a friend of my dad's at buying a laptop for a gift for her special someone, She's bought the computer and now I am going to prepare the computer for him by setting up a-Anti-virus, Anti-Malware, and I'll add a few special touches.
This is a step by step Guide on how you can prepare a laptop as someones gift.

  1. Get Anti-virus(this doesn't have to cost alot) you can go online and download Spybot Search and Destroy free, and you can download Panda Cloud Antivirus free.
  2. Install the anti-virus
  3. If the user is older, right click on the desktop and click personalize. Set the users text settings so the text size is easy to read.
  4. Create a wallpaper/background image, this is really easy, here's my suggestion, go on Google, search for christmas wrapping paper, save it to your computer open it in ms Paint or your preferred editor add the words "Merry Christmas *persons name* from *your name*" save, right click and set as wallpaper.
  5. Set user avatar, to do this click start>Icon by their name at the top of the start menu then there is a setting in there that allows you to pick the image, set it to be a picture of the person receiving the gift.
  6. Shut down the computer, put it back in the box and try to make it look like you never opened it wrap it up in wrapping paper.
  7. Put big nice bow on top
  8. Give it to the recipient!
  9. Watch their eyes widen before your very eyes!

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do you believe there is such a thing as anonymity on the internet?

sort of, you can almost always be back traced on the internet, everywhere you go you leave an ip address. However there is anonymity on the web. A popular web forum called FOR THE FEINT OF HEART NOR FOR THOSE WHO GET EASILY PISSED OFF) is completely anonymous(well as anonymous as you can go on the web) every site logs your ip but only the host can usually see that. On 4chan no one knows anyones name, no one even uses names really, it's a whole community based around anonymity. Because people are not linked to an online name or account with 4chan anyone can be who ever they want to be. This also causes people to post whats on their mind especially controversial topics.

Ask me anything, even anonymously

How do u think a boy should treat his gf?

I believe a boy should treat his girlfriend like the most beautiful wonderful person he's ever met in his life, like a princess. He shouldn't just treat her like that he should see her that way. I try to live up to that to the best of my abilities, and I think I've done a good job of it.

Ask me anything, even anonymously

Friday, October 8, 2010

What are you doing?

Taking life day by day, trying to live life in the now and not the past.

Ask me anything, even anonymously

Have you ever read the Bible?

cover to cover no, sections yes. A few months ago I decided to try to read the whole book of Revelations, unfortunately I didn't stay determined I got about halfway and I haven't continued yet.

Ask me anything, even anonymously

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 creates excited pissed off customers

I just tried to log in to Adobe's it said it sent a verification email, which was strange because I've already done this before. Then it told me it failed, stating I already did it. So I can't log in.

I the annoyed person I am created a new account and tried going on, it sent me a verification email and same result, you can't access the site whatsoever! How does Adobe think their product is going to succeed if their users can't even log in.

Okay, so 20 minutes later I finally get the log-in to work I couldn't have faught more with it more.
Everything's good now...Right? WRONG!

After I'm signed in, and after I've gotten into their online app I go to upload a picture and it asks me to sign in again...

okay well this can't be all that bad then, so I sign in... oh my gawd... you're kidding me

Error: services are unavailable please try again later
I try signing in again and it oddly starts working.

okay, so, I start uploading pictures and created an album.

I go over to my app window and see that none of the stuff I uploaded is in my account and the albums are not there. Fabulous!

I've used photoshop before and it's my favorite paid program, I'm sorry but this online version just isn't for me until they fix all of these bugs.

It's been over an hour now, I still haven't gotten to edit my images just yet, but don't worry I'm persistent I'll get there...eventually..

Okay so I've closed and reopened the web app version of photoshop, my albums have appeared. Time to DIG  in to photoshop and start editing!

Okay so here's my first few thoughts on it so far:

  • No layers  - which is one of the things that made photoshop popular
  • It does have some Touch up tools that are pretty nice, so this is pretty good for photo editors who don't have the full downloadable program.
  • There are a lot of basic functions which is to be expected, it's a new web app.
  • There's a decorate button which gives you tools to add cartoony elements to your photos. Honestly I don't like it but I'll give them credit it's a feature someone will use.
  • It has tons of tools to share the photos so that's definitely nice.

Okay now I've found some impressive features. The app has a Distort feature which works much like the distort feature in photoshop with less customization however it can create effects similar to the Apple iPhotobooth program. There's also a Sketch feature which attempts to make the photo look like a sketch, it works pretty well, I'm not going to argue with that. The problem with a lot of their features is that they effect the entire picture not just the areas you want.

My over all opinion of the app is that it has a lot of bugs when it comes to logging in, and that the speed is slow however that's not all their fault it's a flash app, oh wait that's right... Adobe created flash.. oh brother. Anyways I say if you plan on storing photos online or exhibiting your artwork go ahead, but don't use it to edit photos unless you only need a minor change or are touching up a photo.

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Blog Redesign - again

sorry to my frequent readers I'm doing some alterations to the design of my site again because I'm trying to make sure all of the complex javascript on the site stays working properly and that the site still looks nice. In the coming weeks I may make a special design myself for the whole site using photoshop because I'm getting a Wacom Tablet which is basically a drawing pad for computers.

Speaking of Photoshop I think I'll go prowl around and see how the web version of photoshop is coming about.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Me.ChaCha or

ChaCha is a Q n A tool where real people search for answers to questions that you text in. ChaCha has taken this idea to a new level, they brought it to the social level. ChaCha now has which allows users to ask each-other questions, simple but addicting. It's like Twitter but you're asking questions not telling what you are currently doing unless of course someone asked you what you were doing. users are called ChaChees, which happens to be quite a cool nickname to use, similar to Twitter's Tweeps.

I suggest you try out the new service, you can integrate it with many other services including Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, and More!

You can set up your phone to receive questions from people and also you can ask people questions through ChaCha's number 242242 by including "@username" similar to Twitter and Facebook.

in reference to: | Ask Anyone Anything (view on Google Sidewiki)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Ask The Web Tech!

Everyone knows I work for ChaCha, it's been kind of an on-going conversation, everyone goes up to me and asks me dozens of questions related to ChaCha and what not but anyways this is not about ChaCha.

I want to interact with you, my visitors, I want to talk to you one on one, I can't obviously chill in the chat all day long I have better things to do. But you can ask me questions at any time of the day, through a new Social networking site called basically the site is all about asking specific people questions, and getting their answers. You don't need an account to ask questions. I have a widget here for you to ask me questions, and I will answer them as quickly as possible. I will also work on finding a good way to integrate the widget into my site, I'm thinking I'll add it into the app bar.
Ask away!

I will be posting about questions that I got which I liked, and ones that I wanted to share the answers to and what not!

Ask me about, Google, anti-virus programs, ChaCha, Web Applications, Cell Phones, anything at all! Got a computer problem? ask away!

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Panda Cloud Antivirus updates to 1.1

I reviewed Panda Cloud Anti-virus a long time ago, saying it's good but I didn't like the fact that it asks you to uninstall your other anti-virus programs, I don't personally know if they took that part out of the new version 1.1. However there are tons of great new features that really makes me happy to use Panda Cloud Anti-virus(abbreviated PCA).
The new scan types in PCA1.1

What's new in version 1.1?
Advanced Settings area of PCA 1.1
  • New interface- it still looks the same however they added many new features and made the program more aesthetically pleasing, which I thought the first version was already aesthetically pleasing to be honest.
  • New Scan types- This is a big one, the original PCA had 2 options, scan specific files, and regular scan. Now PCA has Optimized Scan, Scan All My Computer(all files), and Scan Other Items(which just means scan specific files and folders basically)
  • They modified the look of the recycle bin tab in the program
  • Added a settings button in the bottom right of the program which has a very cool little flipping animation when you click it.
  • In the new settings menu they offer the ability to setup PCA to automatically Vaccinate your flash drives and USB devices as well as your computer.
  • There's an advanced settings area, which I am glad they added, for two reasons, I personally like using as many security features as possible on as few programs as I can. Also this program is good for users who are not familiar with computers in that it has default settings set for the reccommended settings for novices. It also has a checkbox stating that you verify you are knowledgeable in anti-viruses which adds more advanced settings, for you to choose. I like this Idea because novices don't need to know how to set all the confusing settings up, they just need it done so they can go about their own business. I on the other hand as well as some more geeky peeps like having the advanced options.
  • Behavioral Analysis- in essence this was in the original PCA however now there are settings for it, basically PCA sends files it's uncertain of, to get checked out by the PCA team, they verify it's safety and that helps everyone else using PCA. PCA 1.1 allows you to set if you want the file to be blocked until you it receives the 'all clear' on your file, that way suspicious files don't get a chance to corrupt your computer before it's been checked out.
  • Recycle bin time out- you can set how many days you want the recycle bin to show history for.
  • Exclusions - the advanced settings now has a simple easy to use file exclusion tool which prevents files from being scanned.(If you for some reason trust the file, but the program doesn't)
Over all I say this update has dramatically improved the program and I'm eager to see what's next in it's development!

I recommend getting PCA it's one of my favorite free Anti Virus programs!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Google Finally creates Google Drawings for Google Docs, after aquiring Picnik

Google purchased Picnik not long ago, and we all knew they were going to create an image editor/photoshop type app for Google Docs, they finally released it. Ever since Docs was created I was upset that they made the Drawings tool a part of Docs and Spreadsheets but you couldn't use it as a stand alone app and it had no special features to it. The new App for Drawings is standalone and allows you to import your images into your documents, allows you to save your images into JPG, SVG, PNG and PDF formats!

I'm sorry to say though, I'm not super impressed with this new addition, it's incredibly basic, it does have good tools for making lines but really, it needs quite a bit more, I hope that they make it into more of a simplistic Photoshop really, but that's probably just a dream.

Friday, April 9, 2010

What's been keeping me busy?

I've got a couple things I've been doing lately nothing really new and great. I've been trying to keep my grades up, look for a job and keep my sanity.

I've also been working for ChaCha, the QnA texting service, you send em a text with a question and we answer it within 15 minutes.

I answer tons of questions on there and make crap money, but some money is better than no money.

The pay has been improving however, and there are contests all the time to win large amounts of money and you don't have to sign up for them or anything you just log on, start "guiding" and if you answer a certain question correctly you may win from $20 and up to around $300 for just that one question!

If you're interested in trying it, go to
Sign up, and where it says referrer, put down this email address:tyrt(click here to reveal the rest of the email address) (sorry thats just for spam purposes.)

That will help me out a bit, plus add you to my team, which will help us both out in earning money. ChaCha on!

Google's April Fools Day Pranks 2010

Sorry for not posting for almost a month, I have to get back into it again. Anywho you don't care about me you just care about the news I share.

Google every year has done hilarious April Fools day pranks, this is a reposting of the Google Operating System Blog, he's my favorite blog author, enjoy! (you can view it directly on his page so you can view all the images and videos as well)

It's not a surprise for anyone that Google celebrates April Fools' Day. Since 2008, Google's offices outside of US have their own pranks.

Google Japan developed a special version of Google Voice Search for animals. Unfortunately, Google Translate is not very helpful:

"For this animal, the dog still, cats, pigeons are just the future, cows and horses, hamsters, frogs, and plans to expand into. Voice Search a variety of potential animal, you try all means, exchange'd appreciate help with animals. Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful to the people around the world. You are also feeling the animal to be able to access, will continue to continue research, and Nakajima are saying."

There's also Google Translate for Animals, a new Android application that "allows you to record animals sounds and have the sounds analyzed and translated by Google Translate into any of the 52 supported languages".

Google Australia is now able to "Optimise for Colloquial Cultural Articulation (OCCA) - which means our products can now be tailored specifically for the typical Strayan user. (...) OCCA greatly reduces the latency between a user's thought and ability to pinpoint information; a boon for local users who'd have Buckleys makin' sense of American English."

Google Street View is now available in 3D, but you need to click on an icon to go 3D:

Google decided to change its name to Topeka, the US city that intends to change its name to Google.

Google's search results pages use some interesting units of measurements to estimate how long it took Google to obtain the results: Plunk, gigawatts, warp, centibeats, skidoo, femtogalactic years, velocity of an unladen swallow.

YouTube has a new text-only mode: TEXTp. "It's great news that there are 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, we support 1080p and HD uploads are rising quickly, but that's also meant increasing bandwidth costs cutting into our bottom line. (...) TEXTp is the result of months of intense transcoding efforts by our engineers, who toiled for weeks to ensure that a large chunk of videos on the platform could be reduced to their most basic elements. By replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos are far less taxing on our system -- and have the added benefit of promoting literacy!"

You can try the new mode by appending &textp=fool to YouTube URLs (like this).

Google Docs lets you store ANYTHING. "Ever wish you could CTRL+F your keys? Store your keys and other objects you commonly lose with Google and you'll never have to worry about finding them again. We're testing a new mail courier network integrated with our Street View fleet. We'll show up within 3 hours to pick up anything you choose to store in Google Docs, guaranteed. At $0.10 per kg, you can store a grand piano for the price of lunch."

Google Voice added a standard voicemail mode.
Standard Voicemail Mode brings your voicemail back to something reminiscent of 1997, with features like:

* Automatic voicemail deletion: messages will be deleted automatically after 14 days
* Numeric keypad access: access to voicemail will only be available via your phone
* Beeper interoperability: your beeper will be paged every time a voicemail is left
* Message maximums: store a maximum of 10 messages at any given time
* Numeric page: people leaving you voicemails will be given the option to send a numeric page

Google Mobile Search found a way to return better results for queries like "where am I". Try this query on your mobile phone and you'll find a lot of interesting results:

Gmail's login page no longer uses vowels and greets users with a short message: "Wlcm t Gml".

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Google has incredibly cheap file storage!

Google has started supporting uploads of any file type to Google Docs not too long ago. However I can't believe how cheaply they are doing it. If I told you you can have 1 GB of space forever, for just a quarter what would you say? probably I'll take that deal!

That's EXACTLY what Google is doing, it's no wonder why my favorite web OS is closing it's doors to free users, how can you compete with 25 cent per gig service? They were providing almost infinite gigs for free, however when users start using up that space it starts to cost em. Ghost has told all their users they are dropping all of them, to only serve companies, it hurts seeing as I was one of the original beta testors for the product and I really loved it, it's such a useful web OS, it's cool, sleek customizeable, accessible from mobile phones, but again you can't compete with Google.

"Files that you store but don't convert can't be larger than 1 GB each. You get 1 GB of free storage for your Google Account, and you can purchase additional storage for $0.25 per GB.

Only stored files count towards the maximum limit. If you delete a file and empty trash, you get your storage back."

Google has the whole cloud computing thing right however Ghost took it to the next level, the level we all want it at, all your files online editable using any online file editor you choose, whether it be google docs, zoho, or other numerous editors, they even supported image editors.

Ghost shall be missed....

Google is Eliminating the need for human translators one step at a time

Google released a video of a prototype project they are working on involving Google Goggles.

Basically what the app does is uses your phone to take a picture of some text somewhere, and it sends that image to the google servers which analyze the image and grab all the text, then the data is sent to their translation server, all within a fraction of a second.

In the video a Google Employee, uses the product on a German restaurant's menu. instantly the Words are translated to English and you can order what you want off the menu :)

BuzzLink For Sale

There are services out there for sites like twitter so you can share links, apparently a guy bought a domain and hopes to sell it for $525,000(at the time of this posting). Sucks for him because he's not going to get that much.

Buzz allows you to post links and also allows embedding images so possible site similar to is totally pointless.

Oh well atleast domain names are cheap normally, he probably didn't pay much originally.

To see what's currently on check it out here
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Google drops SearchWiki for Starred results.... :(

Courtesy Google Operating System Blog
Google has removed their Search Wiki Feature in-exchange for a Starred results option. Google is slowly rolling this update out, if you still see your searchwiki, it will be gone within a few days according to Google.

I have to say I don't like this personally

I loved the ability to move certain results to the top when they are relevant to me.
I loved the ability to delete certain results, even it's POOF was cute and needed to stay
They removed the ability to comment on certain results

 Googles Search Wiki allowed users to move their results either to the top or the bottom of the page to make results more relevant to them. It also allowed users to comment on sites which I never found the use for but many people probably like leaving themselves notes about sites.

Now Google has released a feature that is basically Bookmarking straight from the search page....
They're stars, Google made it so you can star a result so then when you search again for similar searches it will display that at the top, and also it will add the result to your bookmarks in Google Docs, Chrome and Firefox(if you have it enabled in Firefox and Chrome)

Yes it's not that bad of an idea. However I personally don't favorite/bookmark a site before I check it out... so the whole star thing is flat out stupid.

at-least let us OPT-IN to the feature.

Google's post about removing SearchWiki

Google to make Google Docs users be able to collaborate with Microsoft Office users

Google has purchased DocVerse, Collaboration software for Microsoft Office. Google plans to make it possible to collaborate using Google Docs, with people on Microsoft Office.

DocVerse's blog offers an interesting perspective of a two former Microsoft employees: "We fundamentally believe that Google is one of the best positioned companies to truly disrupt the world of productivity software. We're looking forward to the opportunity to scale our vision at Google. Our first step will be to combine DocVerse with Google Apps to create a bridge between Microsoft Office and Google Apps."

Google says that you can no longer create a new DocVerse account, but there's a simple way to try the Microsoft Office plug-in. Download the setup and create a new account when DocVerse asks you to log in.

A section of this post was reblogged from Google Operating System to get the exact quotations.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Youtube adds Auto-Captioning

Youtube today added an Auto-captioning feature. This will add captions to videos on Youtube automagically. This will make youtube videos enjoyable to both users with sound disabled and deaf users.

The Transcription will be shaky for a long time, just like it is/was with Google Voice. However Google Voice progressed quickly and now offers really close transcriptions every time.

I expect YouTube to go the same way with transcription. I expected to see this feature in youtube a long time ago, when I first saw the CC icon in youtube. I wondered, why haven't they started doing it? they have searching for audio available for political video, they need it now for regular youtube videos.

the image is of the Google Release of this new feature

BlogExplosion - Resource for bloggers

I just discovered a pretty cool site called BlogExplosion

Bloggers I highly recommend at least giving the site a look over, they provide tools for drawing in traffic to your blog.

Main Features:

  • Tons of free ways to earn credits to use toward traffic to your blog
  • banner exchange
  • link exchange
  • surf to earn credits system
  • Earn credits by playing games basically.

click the image above to check out the site.

Please know I would not post any affiliate or referral crap if I didn't truly like the service I am supporting.

I personally use the service and I think it's definately a cool unique system.
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Message to my regular readers

Sorry I've been doing posts in bursts lately, school and some other issues have been impeding my posting.

I just wanted to let you know that the bar at the bottom of my blog (if you're reading from the actual site instead of a feed reader) will remember you if you register your name on it. That way when polls are currently running your wont be asked numerous times about the same poll, also you will gain several features that are very nice, like chat, and some other fun stuff.

Okay and off of that, I just wanted to say I'm going to focus on Quality content from now on. I can't compete with sites like TechCrunch, rushing out posts like there's no tomorrow, however I can focus on keeping my posts  brief to the point, detailed, and also hopefully comical.

Oh and one more thing, I added a ReBuzz button to my blog so if you want to share any posts to your friends you may do so that way. I do have a super advanced sharing tool built into the bottom bar though and I suggest trying that out, it lets you pick any content on the page to share with a friend and even leave a message about that specific content.

reBuzz arrives!

The popular site TweetMeme has an indirect competitor, it's called ReBuzzThis.

Basically TweetMeme gives bloggers tools to make it easy for their viewers to post to their Twitter accounts directly from their blog.

reBuzzThis does the same thing only for Google Buzz, it's less featured than TweetMeme, and only tracks info for reBuzzes through their site and buttons, however it's a start and I expect it shall become big just like TweetMeme.

For bloggers here are the buttons you can get for your blog or website.

My personal Favorite /\

This comes in Blue Yellow Green and Red(to match the Google Buzz logo)

again this comes in blue yellow green and red

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny 404 Errors - It's My turn

Not everyone knows what a 404 error is, but everyone who has browsed the web has come across one once in their life.

A 404 error is simply when you try to go to a page of a site that doesn't exist. It returns an error that looks like the image below.

Web developers can provide their own version of a 404 error for the site your on, to both help you find what you're looking for, and to make you laugh out loud.
These are referred to as Custom 404 errors.

I've decided to join in and have a little fun, I'm currently designing a website for my church and thought of the idea for a custom 404, and here it is.
View it for yourself!

Here are some other 404's not created by yours truly.(click the images to enlarge them)

Even Major companies join in the fun!
Click here to see it for yourself

Twitter Fail Whale

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Funny pics from around the net

New England Road Sign(this is real, unedited)

just a flat out bad invention^^
Clever Divorce lawyer

More Net Funnies Funnies

Courtesy of Q-Wreck
Courtesy of Q-Wreck

EMBED-WOW Guy Angry About WOW And Irate About Star Trek Online - Watch more free videos

again courtesy of Q-Wreck

Below are a bunch of hilarious poses for rides n stuff

Google streetview employees need to get paid a little better I think.

In-case you can't view the image very well the guy is aiming a pistol at a kid. It's permanently displayed on Google maps.

Imagine your trying to learn a route to a friends house so you start tracing the route on streetview, and you come across that. Immediately I'd go DETOUR!

Seriously though, if Google streetview people are going to go through neighborhoods like that, they need a lil hazard pay.

Monday, February 22, 2010 VC eating themselves?

For those who don't know is a web based Operating system, complete with web applications and file storage. recently has become inaccessible to all US users, it is unknown if users in other countries have been able to access the service. When a person goes to the site currently you get the error message below:

Service Temporarily Unavailable

The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later. has been down at-least since around 9 this morning. Every now and then this morning some users were able to get onto the site, but not for long. could be performing maintenance as it says but it's most likely a capacity issue. would have their own page telling users about the issue if it was a maintenance thing.

Not only does their server being down, refuse access to their service, but also users can't get to their valuable files, taking the entire idea of cloud computing and making it seem like a bad idea. the point in cloud computing is you have free access to your software and files from anywhere. Well what if one day your favorite text editor in the cloud, goes down, suddenly your out a word processor, atleast with non cloud based software it's not going to just one day say sorry but because the server is offline we can't help you.

Also a big thing to think about is Amazon Web services, is hosted on Amazons servers, servers that were claiming to be the best cloud servers in the world. So much for that!
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Friday, February 19, 2010

ChatRoullette - Nazi

I recently posted asking people to go on chatroullette and do something hilarious, I posted a huge list. I have to say I didn't expect to see someone do this. One person dressed up as a Nazi, and had a swastika chillin' in the background.

You can't tell me that's not funny.
Now the picture above doesn't even compare to the one below.
click image to view full size
The peoples reactions are all you really need to see to LOL.

Note as far as I know the people pictured do not promote Nazism at all they are merely doing this for their own entertainment, you can't tell me if you were on a site like chat roullette and someone randomly appears looking like a Nazi General, you wouldn't die of laughter. Also I DO NOT PROMOTE NAZISM I AM ALSO NOT A NEO-NAZI Just clarifying...