Saturday, December 12, 2009

YouTube is upping video quality even more!

YouTube, LLCImage via Wikipedia
Thursday November 12 Google announced they will be bringing HD to YouTube, so this isn't new news really but if you hadn't gotten the memo yet I'm informing ya.

1080p(HD) Videos will now be supported on YouTube, This does not mean that if you upload a video your video will automatically be converted to HD, it doesn't work that way, you have to have an HD camera, so if you aren't using an HD camera this new upgrade won't affect you as much except the quality of videos on the site will start to go up.

For a sample of what YouTube in HD looks like check out this trailer for Toy Story 3.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

3D Web is growing closer to reality

"3D graphics became ordinary first in games, then in operating systems, and on Thursday, it took a significant step toward being built into Web browsers as well.

The Khronos Group, which oversees the OpenGL graphics interface, announced that its work with Mozilla to bring hardware-accelerated 3D graphics to the Web has reached draft standard form. The standard, called WebGL, lets programmers who use the Web's JavaScript language take advantage of the fact that video cards can handle 3D graphics with aplomb." - Deep Tech

The actual release date is a long way off, it is expected that they will have hardly a draft written up by 2010.

Google has also begun work into 3D web with a more finished product called O3D, a very cool plugin you can download.

Google chrome plans to support both O3D and WebGL. Google Chrome has O3D built in.

Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Safari plan to all support WebGL when it is created, it is unknown what Internet Explorer will do, Microsoft employees continue to say that Microsoft is very supportive of new standards.

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Chrome OS Discussion

Google Chrome OS questions and discussion.
Click to Listen to "Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Google Chrome OS "

Show notes and talking points:
Android, Chrome OS, JooJoo...What is an operating system? Why do we need them?
If all an OS does is load a browser, is it an OS?
Are we ready yet for browser-centric OS?
What's missing in Chrome OS? What are the limits of running everything out of the browser? Who's it for or not for?
What's special about Chrome OS?
Will chrome OS get apps?
Why does Google need its own OS
What's behind Google's OSes?
--motive: needle Microsoft? jump-start cloud computing? faster Web = more ads?
--What about Android? OS X as a mobile OS? WinMo, Symbian, etc?
Tactics of Chrome OS
--When it'll arrive: open-source code available now, arriving as a product only preinstalled on Netbooks for holiday season 2010.
--Google will build in technology that make this more than just today's browser--WebGL, Native Client, O3D, and various HTML5 elements. Mozilla and others are pushing this envelope.
--Google is scoping this narrowly as for Netbooks that are "companion PCs"--perhaps the primary machine but not the only machine. That makes it easier to declare victory, but also makes it a smaller victory. Smart overall.
--The programs run in the browser, not on the underlying Linux OS.
Gordon: What are enterprise users saying to you about this?
What about other lightweight operating systems
Outlook for Windows, OSX, Linux?
Next week, we're on at noon Pacific time. Topic is biggest stories of the year, with CNET Editor in Chief Scott Ard and Buzz Out Loud daily host Tom Merritt.

Click to Listen to "Reporters' Roundtable Podcast: Google Chrome OS "

iTunes Redesign

iTunesImage via Wikipedia
iTunes is going to be getting a redesign, a complete one.
It is believed that Apple plans to move it's iTunes player and store to the web

For more information click here

Google Chrome Extensions for Mac

google chrome extensionsImage by kengo via Flickr
Google has announced plans for Google Chrome for Mac to be able to use extensions with an update to arrive in 1 week. I posted information about the Google extension gallery a little while ago.

Search the web with an image!

A Google engineer is working on an extension for Google Chrome to make it so you can search the web using images. This tool will be apart of Google Goggles, a set of tools for mobile phones, allowing users to search by speaking their query, and other means like GPS coordinates. This feature is to be called Visual Search for obvious reasons.

Google Suggest now offers answers to simple questions!

Now you don't even need to hit submit, Google now provides answers to math problems, and answers to simple questions in Google suggest, Google suggest has often been known to spurr funny results so having Google put real answers in there is a good step forward. Some results are things you would expect to take you a while to figure out, you would have to go on a site like Wikipedia, then go to a page related to what you want to know then hunt through it to find the info.

This feature even works in Popular Web browsers, IE, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Mobile Firefox

Firefox Mobile
Mozilla Firefox is going mobile.

Recently Mozilla announced they will have a user ready version of Fennec within the next few weeks.

Mobile Firefox Features:

  • Bookmarks, open tab, and passwords, sync with the desktop version of Firefox.
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Support for Addons, for example Adblock Plus works on Fennec
  • Screen Real estate Maximizing  style, Addons hide off screen you have to scroll to them sorta.
  • AwesomeBar
  • Same browsing you know and love from Firefox.

Since I know everyone wants to know what it looks like and how it acts.

Fennec - alpha 1 for Windows Mobile from Madhava Enros.

Click to view more info on Fennec at the Mozilla site.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Photoshop on the Android Phones!

android wallpaper (1680x1050)Image by samuraispy via Flickr
Yes that's right! Now not only can you take amazing pictures from your phone but you can perform many actions you would perform on the pictures once you had them on a computer, you can now crop, sharpen, gray-scale, correct color and rotate your pictures all on your mobile phone.

The next features you can probably expect to see will be the ability to use the stamper tool and many others just like in the PC versions of Photoshop, obviously it will stay a more basic version of the program but still it is quite amazing what can be done on cell phones now days!

Remember it was only about 30-40 years ago that a computer that could only do math equations was the size of a warehouse!

Zemanta - Blogger Addon

I've been testing out new blogger add-ons to make this blog better and more time efficient. I discovered two add-ons, Zemanta and Apture.
Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBase

Zemanta is an add-on that you can add to Firefox, Google Chrome, or IE, that adds a sidebar while your blogging, that suggests images and links based on what your typing, it's a very good app, it also suggests in-text links, and allows you to one click add them all if you want.  It Suggests tags, it's simply amazing.

Zemanta is great but it has it's flaws too,  when it comes to adding images there are two options for where you want the images to be, on the right or left side of the blog, and all images are automatically added to that side of your posts. Obviously I want to be able to pick where each image goes without having to fight with the app just to get it there.

Now for Apture, Apture is a similar extension that allows you to click a button to pop up a window suggesting links based on what you had highlighted. I liked the product a little bit, but I ran across some issues, IT DOES NOT SUPPORT ADDING ANY CONTENT FROM GOOGLE, Only Yahoo and Bing. This is a big deal to me I like my personalized search and I like Google with Google I know what I will get, with bing and yahoo, it's similar stuff but still not what I want.

Apture also required me to add code to my blog, thats a downside to me, I have it hidden but still it's not something I like.

Google Side-Wiki - a rip off? Illegal!?

Yes that's right!

Reframe It screenshot 2Image via Wikipedia
I knew when I first saw Google Side-wiki it wasn't the only product like that. However I didn't know how incredibly similar Side wiki is to an addon called Reframe-It, the layout and designs are very similar, and if Reframe it gets it's patent, Google will be liable for lawsuit. Google currently hasn't even said anything about this.

I'm a Google fan but I do believe that Google should acknowledge Reframe It, and maybe compensate them somehow.
So, you don't want people commenting on your W...Image by ChiefTech via Flickr

Source:Techie Buzz

Google Chrome Extension

Google has released extensions to their Google Chrome web browser(the beta version), this isn't actually new news, they've had the extensions available in the beta version of the program for a
google chrome extensionsImage by kengo via Flickr
while now, but now they've released the Extension Gallery, you can now go through all of the extensions available for Google Chrome, just like you would for Firefox or the Google Toolbar. So far some Pretty nice extensions have come out for it.

Not only did Google Release extensions they added a Mac version of Google Chrome, it's not caught up to the current windows version of chrome but it's slowly catching up.

The amount of extensions already in the gallery is amazing. There are so many popular Firefox add-ons being ported to chrome!

Some of these include:

  • Gmail Notifier- notifies you of new emails.
  • Zemanta - currently my favorite extension for Chrome, it's a blogging tool.
  • Google Side-Wiki
  • Google Voice Notifier- notifies you of new voicemails and texts

The Seventh Dragon - Blogger Campaign

The Seventh Dragon is holding a blogger Campaign, spread the word about The Seventh Dragon and get 50 diamonds! Sounds fair to me!

The Requirements are simple:
1. Must be a game fan

2. Must be an account holder of “The 7th Dragon” (Or BG-TIME ID)

3. Must be a blog owner of more than 3 months with at least 1 news update per week

4. Must have at least 5 articles of “The 7th Dragon” uploaded.

5. Must be a direct link to the article from our fan cafe.

6. Must be identified that an applicator and a blog owner is the same person

For more details click here!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wacky weird USB Devices

No I didn't Photoshop this picture, It's really a USB Flower, what it is may surprise you, its actually a speaker. Interesting ay?

USB Air Darts, if the people sitting next to you at your office or at school, hook this baby up, Aim, and FIRE! This USB Dart Launcher really works! Purely AWESOME!

This ones great, and probably my fav out of all of the ones on the site besides the vibrator(in hilarity I probably would only want to buy the Air Darts device if I did buy one of these)

The USB GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL hell yea. Makin' Burgers and Pwning newbs in WoW.

Sawed off Flash Drive(it's real name is "Sawed-off USB Key")
Basically its a flash drive, that looks like a USB Cord that got Ripped or cut.
I think it's kinda funny looking and was a good idea.

Enjoy People

Find More Weird USB Devices here at the Top 10 list of em


Microsoft created something similar to this but Google I think will really be pushing this into the future.

What you see above is called a QR Code, the little box with a ton of dots is like a barcode, soon you will start seeing businesses putting those on products, in store-front windows, EVERYWHERE.

Your probably thinking, okay what the hell does the thing do already?
QR-Codes are like real world links to websites, basically you pull out your mobile phone, take a snapshot of the code, and bam you see a ton of information on the product, with reviews and links to the product on the businesses website.

You will need a mobile app to use this but since Google made it I'm certain the app will be free or dirt cheap.

The TamPod

 This is probably a hoax but I've heard of this from a few different sources and quite frankly it's funny.
Apple Recently Partnered with Tampax to create a special tampon that would alert the user after 4 hours have passed. The reason for this is women/girls can get some serious illnesses if they don't change them every 4 hours. Now here's the funny part, it's how Apple proposed to alert the user.

The Idea the tampon will begin playing a song, hilariously related to the words "flow" and "acts of nature".

The Image Below is not the real product just a mock up I beleive

Now I could see so many situations where that could be a problem:
Imagine... a girl is in a movie theater and "OH SHIT!!!" a song starts playing the girl quick reaches down her pants trying to get the thing to stop playing, quick whips it out her pants flings it through the air and lands in someones popcorn.
Now what would probably be weirder is a vibrating tampon, imagine a girls just sitting there and all of a sudden she's like squirming.

Light Painting

I discovered some amazing artwork online and I wanted to share some of it with you.

All of the following images were created using light sources and a camera with a long exposure setting.


Free Google Wave Invites

I have a ton of Google wave invites and the people I wanted to invite have accounts now and can wave so.. That means I'm giving out wave invites, I have several to give out, so the first 2 people to post on here get my nominations. Nominations seem to get received within 2 days from sending.

Google Wave is currently in a developer preview meaning they are really limiting who is allowed to get on Wave.

To view information on Google Wave check out the Google wave website

Rules for my Wave Nominations
  1. Anyone caught using multiple accounts to increase their odds of gaining an invite will be disqualified
  2. Some how cheating the system so you show as one of the top 2 posters gets you disqualified
  3. To get a wave invite you must post your Email address as a comment to this post, you may use a scrim URL in-fact it's highly encouraged, I want you to be safe.
I highly suggest using to hide your email address.

Winners will be announced on my blog and also the nominations will be sent as soon as I see your comment, and I check my blog alot. I don't care who you are all I need is your email address to send you an invite. You could be related to me I don't care you have to win legitimately to get one.

Have at it!

Google Live Search

Google Just today released a new feature!
In Google search results you can now view LIVE Twitter posts, Google ranks the posts by relevance and by date. Unfortunately you still get spam tweets and re-tweets but it's okay.

Google's new feature does provide one great thing, up-to-date NEWS, yes people's twitter feeds are not always truthful, but you may find out information you didn't expect! Then that leads you to Googling something else to find out more on that topic.

I think that now that Twitter posts are included in Google, more users will use Twitter because their feeds will be seen.

Check out this feature by searching for the term Google

Personally I think the idea for the live search is cool and nice but it needs it's own place in search, like a lil box somewhere with those twitter posts, because it knocks the relevant regular search results down.