Saturday, December 5, 2009

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda Cloud antivirus is a Free Antivirus program, that is attempting to pioneer the market of Cloud security. So far my impression of the program is good however it has two major problems atleast that I see.

Firstly, the program requires you to uninstall your current antivirus programs. I figured out a way around this because I really don't like having only one antivirus program, I prefer 3-4 of em.

Secondly Panda scan falsely accuses some programs, like ClamWin antivirus as spyware. It's also accused programs I've made as spyware...

The program is good at keeping you safe however the fact that they don't like you using other services is total BS and that it accused my programs of being suspicious is just a bug, there should be better filtering. My programs have nothing that even sends data to my servers, it only downloads information.

The concept of the cloud antivirus program is you don't download updates it automatically updates constantly, it will send your suspicious files to be checked out then if your suspicious file turns out to be malware the program will remove it or neutralize it, and also anyone else who had that file on their computer has that malware removed for them too. This makes Malware detection alot faster and keeps everyone using the program safer.

I'm an antivirus freak and I have another little issue with the program it doesn't really give you many options to set to make your computer more secure.

Alot of people were complaining recently that there is no "Full Scan Option" but apparently this is to be fixed in the future. They do currently have a thing called quickscan however which really does scan your computer rather quickly especially compared to other scanners.

My personal opinion: I say download it, and keep your current antivirus programs for better security.

PseudoQuest - It's like your almost questing...

Please excuse the logo in the screenshot I didn't take this screenshot.
Pseudoquest is a browser based MMORPG, It's a funny twist on the classic RPG. The games class system is all it's own, it uses what are called skill gems and the game is a fully graphic RPG. It's not really text based, it's browser based but don't let that fool you.  Each day, players get a limited number of turns to go out adventuring, kill strange beasties, collect exotic treasure, and complete amusing quests. I've played PseudoQuest for a long time and I am always surprised to see the updates Xaroth makes to the game(Xaroth is the devloper) he's always working hard on it, the game is free to play, however you can pay to get different clothes a modified GUI and items added to your house(these do not affect gameplay just the aesthetics of the game making it so paying players have no advantage over free players :)).

Xaroth recently changed the skill gems, there used to be 5 skill gems, Generalist, Li'l Healer, Li'l Fighter, Li'l Mage, and Li'l Rogue now there are 10 Skill gems, now there are upgraded versions of the old skill gems, Mi'l Healer, Mi'l Fighter, Mi'l Mage, and My fave Mi'l Rogue. Plus some brand spanking new ones Li'l Acrobat, Li'l Ranger and Li'l Assassin.

If you haven't played the game I highly suggest you try it, the game is a great one!

Flash Arcade Sites

Everyone has been to a website where you can play flash games, atleast once it seems. I want to review them for you, here are some of the top flash arcade sites: Newgrounds, Miniclip, Crazy Monkey Games, and Kongregate Forgive me for missing many but there are so many that there isn't enough time to review em all.

Curiously this Flash Arcade site has had the beta symbol in it's logo forever, it seems to me they're pulling a Google, like Google did with their gmail and docs logos and what not.

Anywho the main features of Kongregate are that you can make an account, Share what games you play to others, you can share what are called achievements to other players, achievements are just like on Xbox 360, it's so cool and makes this site sooo addicting. Kongregate has quests, which are really just a series of achivements for you to complete to finish the quest.

Ever wonder who's a better gamer? you or your friends? the debate is over, on Kongregate you gain levels, the more games you play the more achievements you earn gain you levels. The Kongregate website itself is basically a game, you earn achievements, do quests, and gain levels, then you can also earn Kongai Cards basically Kongregate has a card game simalir to magic the gathering or yu-gi-oh only alot simpler. Kongregate allows you to earn the cards or buy them, to earn the cards you must complete a challenge, the challenges are special game achievements.

Kongregate also supports Developers quite a bit, they have a tip jar for each game where players can donate money to the creators of the games, they have developer forums, developer api, and other fun stuff!

Addicting as hell Kongregate is my favorite Flash Arcade!

Try Out Kongregate!

Newgrounds is where flash games really began to be such a hit. If I'm not mistaken I believe Newgrounds was the first flash game arcade. Anywho Newgrounds is littered with games, they have possibly the largest collection of games of any of the sites, they have toons and a huge community, People also share their music on Newgrounds tons of art, theres a Mature section if your interested in that.

Newgrounds is truly an entertainment world. For a long time internet memes were popping out of here like crazy, that's slowed down now but the site is still kick ass.

The quality and amount of games is immense.

CrazyMonkey is an awesome game site all the games are high quality and pretty addicting. This site is fully dedicated to games.

I have to say I keep coming back here to play Adrenaline Challenge and a few other addicting games.

Addicting Games has apparently been bought by Nickelodeon, I just found that out. Addicting games is one of the flash arcade sites that people first got introduced to flash games on. It has a huge selection of games and also has multiplayer games. It has a decent community feel to it.

Miniclip offers tons of games, has tons of classics. But not a very good community setup in my opinion.

However Miniclip has one nice feature they have a thing called Sketch Star which basically lets you make your own flash animation without any flash knowledge.

I don't like Miniclip a whole lot to be honest.

I'm sorry there are others I haven't added to my review but I don't have time to go through every site on the planet.

Out of all of these Flash Arcades Kongregate is the best in my opinion and Newgrounds is right up there too!

The Seventh Dragon Browser MMORTS

I just started trying out a new Browser MMO, I'm a fan of Browser MMO's simply because I have a slow net connection so downloading games is a pain in my rear end.

The Seventh Dragon is very similar to the Warcraft series if you have played that before.
In the Seventh Dragon you build up your castle like many other browser strategy games, making units and hiring heroes. The game has a quest system and the quests boast rewards for you and items for your heroes. the Hero system is even more in-depth than the one in Warcraft 3.

The games interface is alright, it could use a little more art maybe theme it toward your race? but otherwise this game is quite entertaining. You get to do just like you do in warcraft 3, you can send out your hero with a group of soldiers to go kill some NPC's and attack enemy players :)

You can also create Guilds with other players.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Myspace to Adopt Facebook Connect!

Myspace apparently is adopting Facebook Connect meaning that you will be able to login to Myspace with your Facebook account. It is believed that Myspace will then focus on media rather than compete as a total social network against it's rival Facebook.

Click here to view my source

Google and NORAD Track Santa

This year gather all around the computer this year you can watch Santa on Google maps and Google Earth deliver gifts to all the little boys and girls.

This year you can view Santa live on Google Earth, you can see photos of him arriving in cities, videos of him. Tons of amazing stuff!

Google made a blog post this year about their experience tracking good 'Ol Saint Nick
The History of Tracking Santa

NORAD has been tracking Santa for years. Finally with collaboration with Google it will be better than ever!
The Official NORAD Website

Gmail - Holiday Cards

The Gmail team as an april fools day prank a long time ago said they would make it possible to have Google print off your emails and mail them to you. Well This year they are doing something a little similar only this is for real!

You can send one FREE Holiday card to a family member or friend this year on Google's Dime, the mail will actually be sent via snailmail and it will have your letter that you typed up.

Send your technologically impaired grandma or mom or pop or sister or brother a Google Snail Mail

Click here to go to the website for this service

My Christmas List - Share your Christmas, Birthday, or other gift list

I stumbled upon a gift list website and since this is the season I thought I would Share it and show it off Basically this app allows you to show your loved ones exactly what you want right off the bat!  No more Fruit Cakes and bad gifts.

This app allows you to post your gift list to social networking sites like myspace facebook and twitter.

It has a simple easy to use design, when entering the title of the gift you want it offers title suggestions to finish the typing off for you and it will also display a picture for that item.

The site is called click here to go there and try out the app!

Christmas List - Wish List at List Ideas
jon's Wish Lists at List Ideas
Wish List and Gift List Signup
Create your Wish List at List Ideas


Personalized Search even for users that aren't signed in!

This worries me a little. They say it's seperate from those who have accounts and use that pc, but what I want to know is does it use any info at all from my account, for example if I search for wiki, and my most clicked link would probably be wikipedia. When I'm signed out, and someone searches for wiki, will my info affect their search results?

I don't really like this I see it as an invasion of privacy, yes it's a nice idea, in the fact that if you forget to sign in or you don't have an account then the search is tailored to you, but if someone else uses the computer then it pops up everything relevant to what you would look at, kinda creepy.

To make it less of a privacy concern they offered the ability to opt out of this service, however I don't think alot of users will even know about it and if they did they will wish they could disable it too!

Google Sidewiki

What is it?

Well that's a little difficult to explain right off the bat. It's a bar that you can add to google toolbar, basically it's a side bar, on the opposite side of where the scroll bar is in your browser is the sidewiki, the side wiki remains hidden when you are using a site and when it spots a sidewiki entry on the page, it simply displays a small little icon on the left hand side of the browser. click it and it opens the Sidewiki

Okay so now that you understand the UI Here's what it does.

You navigate to a website, let's say the website doesn't have a comment system in place but you want to make a note for other users on the web to see. you can leave a note on the page basically.

Why Google calls it a Side"Wiki" is still unknown to me, it has super limited abilities when it comes to html and it doesn't let people edit other peoples entries.

The practicality of the site is kinda minimal if you ask me.
I can see a few uses:
  • If a site is complicated, users can note how to do certain things
  • If a site is of historic value, users can leave historical info on it
  • users can comment on a site.
  • Users can communicate with web developers to point at specific parts of the website and tell them what they think of features or the design of something.
It seems kinda limited to me, it's value is minor. If you have constructive Ideas as to what Sidewiki can be used for please share some.

Click here to view the rest of the post(opens a Sidewiki pane(you do not need to install Sidewiki to view the entry))

Click here to visit the Google Sidewiki website

Google's new homepage

Google Changed it's homepage's design recently to emphasize that Google is all about search, getting you from your query to your information. Google has been trying out different designs lately with their staff to see which ones were liked best. It appears this is the one that Google has Chosen to keep as their design. Basically when you first get to the site, you see just the Google logo and search box. Then if you move your mouse around the rest of the stuff appears. The change isn't all that Dramatic however it actually has affected how people use the home page according to Google's blog.

On the Google homepage there is a sidewiki entry with a link to all the Google Home page designs Google has had(not including each individual logo/Google doodles)
Click here to go directly to the History of Google website.

Feel free to leave a comment about the new homepage below.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Save The Internet

Some of you have probably heard a little bit about Net Neutrality but don't have a clue what it is.

Basically, some companies ISPs want to be able to limit what websites you can view, what services you can use. Google and millions of people and lots of other companies believe that the internet should be an open web, when you access the net one place you should be able to access the same web in another place. Companies also want to make it so they can control download speed for certain websites and services. So imagine, you go on iTunes and suddenly your download of 1 song takes 2 hours, when usually it only takes from a few seconds to a few minutes.

If you live in the USA please sign this petition to save the Internet!

Sign our petition to save the Internet!