Friday, November 27, 2009

BitDefender QuickScan

I added a feature to my blog right under followers, if you would like to scan your computer for viruses you can free and it takes only a few minutes, it's legitamate. BitDefender is a widely known anti-virus company.

It requires you to install an addon if you are running mozilla firefox, but it's worth it the speed is amazing.

Note: Your data doesn't go through my site at all, I can't see your files can't do anything to your computer, I am not the creator of BitDefender

Beginning work on "Geek-In-A-Box"

I have had this idea for a long time and finally decided to do this, I began work on a new project.

I call it Geek-In-A-Box, it's basically a program for technologically challenged people, or lazy people.
What my goal is with GiaB is to create a free program(or cheap program if I start selling it in stores) that will do all the maintenance of a computer for the user. Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Defragmentation, all in one program, now to make things easy, the program itself doesn't do the anti-virus nor anti-malware scanning, what it does is it will download the best free anti-virus and anti-malware program for you(requiring your consent). It will then attempt to schedule scans and updates for those programs, it will also defragment your computer on a certain day of the week at a certain time.

The Idea is simple, but you wouldn't believe how helpful that could be to non techies.

Another Idea along with that is the program will have a Scan button and an "OH SH!T!" button. The "OH SH!T!" button is for when you get a virus on your computer and you want to get rid of it as soon as possible, this button will guide the user through some steps to removing the virus, first starting with scanning the computer with several anti-virus programs, then if that fails, it will ask the user some questions about the virus's activity and attempt to lead the user in the right direction with the removal of the virus.

My program is currently at version 0.0.1

It's definitely in alpha right now it's not ready for use, it doesn't have any significant features yet, it's just in the design phase(I'm creating the GUI(Graphical User Interface))

I will post screenshots when I get further on in development, this is currently a hobby program so don't expect it to be worked on 24/7

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


My Science teacher taught our class today about a program called BOINC, basically what boinc does is allow you to donate your computers processing power to research when your not using it.

Basically when you're away from your computer, and it's just running, BOINC will run and will perform calculations for research projects. You choose the research projects you want to support with BOINC.

A very interesting idea I think. I thought of this before, 1000 computers "networked" together to basically act like an incredible super computer.

Now one project you can aid is SETI(Search for Extraterrestrial something or other)

I'm also donating my computer cpu to

You can to, just click the link in the banner above

The program runs in the background on your computer and doesn't do anything while you are using your computer, but when you step away from your computer for awhile, it kicks in and begins computing numbers and things. I haven't even noticed any cpu spikes or anything from it

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What is a web browser?

Okay, this post isn't really for my regular readers.

What is a Web Browser?
Well let me first tell you what is not a web browser, to give you a better understanding.

A web browser is not:

  • Google, Yahoo, or Bing - these are called Search Engines, not browsers
  • You - well that's debate-able, you browse the web so you can be considered a web browser but not in the same context
  • Twitter, Myspace, Facebook are not web browsers either, they are what are called Social networking sites.
Okay so now you know what is not a web browser, here's what a web browser is:
A web browser is any program that is used to view web sites on the internet.
To get to this site you had to first open a web browser. A web browser is the program you use to get onto the web. You may be familiar with one of these names: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, they are all Web Browsers.

Did you know you have Options when it comes to web browsers?
yes you can pick from tons, but how do you know which browser to pick?

Well here's what you will want in a browser:

  • Security - Browsing the web comes with risks, you want a web browser that is secure, and helps you prevent malware and viruses from getting onto your computer
  • Simplicity - The browser should look simple, and you should be able to understand the basic functions with little to no effort.
  • Tabbed Browsing - most modern browsers have tabbed browsing. Tabbed browsing allows you to view multiple websites in the same browser window.
  • Extensions/add-ons - these are not generally important to the beginning web user, however add ons can be extremely useful. Add ons are simple programs that can be added to the web browser, adding features, toolbars, and buttons to the browser.
  • Speed - Speed is one of the most important factors in choosing a web browser for those with a slow internet connection.
  • Correct Rendering - rendering means display, basically you want a web browser that can display the websites you view correctly. There's a wrong way? yes, web developers want you to view their website so it looks a certain way, but some web browsers don't support codes that developers use, so the sites will look different, nearly every browser displays websites differently.
Okay so how can you be sure you get all of those things?
Pick from the browsers below, each has it's pros and cons.
Here I have rated each of the parts of the browser so you get a better overview. Note: you want high numbers and yeses.

Mozilla Firefox
Security Rating 8/10
Simplicity 6/10
Tabbed Browsing: Yes
Extensions: Yes(Firefox became known for having so many great extensions)
Speed: 8/10
Web Page Rendering: 9.5/10 

Internet Explorer
Security Rating: 4/10
Simplicity: 6/10
Tabbed Browsing: yes
Extensions: yes, quality is generally low
Speed: 6/10
Web Page Rendering: 6/10 (web developers dislike this browser because alot is unsupported)

Google Chrome
Security Rating: 7.5/10 (add-ons can make it more secure)
Simplicity: 10/10
Tabbed Browsing: yes(each tab also gets a seperate process preventing the browser from crashing)
Extensions: no, but there will be extensions soon.
Speed: 9.5/10
Web Page Rendering: 9/10

Security Rating: 5.5/10
Simplicity: 6/10
Tabbed Browsing: yes
Speed: 6/10
Web Page Rendering: 5/10

My Recommendation
I say you should pick either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, regardless of your skill level with computers both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are great browsers that will keep you happy, and keep you safe.