Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hire a Geek

I've been known to help out people with their computer problems from time to time. So I thought I would inform everyone I am open for business, email me your tech problem and I will fix your computer for you, whatever problem you have. I will also as a bonus to what you ask me to do, install 2 free Anti-virus programs that are top notch(Optional).

My Rates are very competitive, way lower than Geek Squad, and lower than other tech repair shops!
If you find a coupon or ad for any computer repair company and bring it to me, I will do the same job that they would for LESS.

Geek Squad may be a leading company in repairing computers however their staff hardly know what they're doing, they burn off discs with a program on them that basically does what you paid them for. It's as simple as this, you ask them to install antivirus, setup your firewall for you, and optimized your computer, they simply insert the CD, select that you wanted your firewall setup antivirus installed and computer optimized, and they ignore your computer for about 15 minutes, come back and don't even check to see if what they did actually worked or not, they just pop the cd back out and hand your computer back to you after you hand them $210. That takes no technical knowledge at all, a monkey could do that and install and remove some of your hard drives for you.

I will give your computer my personal attention, your problem will be fixed or you will get your money back.

leave me a message if your interested in my services!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Firefox Turns Five

Hello Everyone the best browser in the world Mozilla Firefox has turned 5 today, that's alot when it comes to the web.

Help celebrate by downloading the newest version if you don't have it. Help celebrate by taking pictures of you doing something involving the firefox logo, post it as a comment on my blog and I'll happily make a post all about what you did!

Since firefox turned 5 today I'm going to pump out a post reviewing current web browsers for their speed security and other features.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Google Go and SPDY

Google is working on creating an alternative to HTTP called SPDY(Pronounced "Speedy")
Google isn't satisfied with making search instantaneous, they want the whole web to be instantaneous for everyone.

HTTP was designed to send single files fast, however more and more now days websites are filled with tons of images and tons of external javascripts, this makes loading a web page slow since each individual thing has to be started before the next thing can be loaded.

Google SPDY is designed to use SSL to transfer multiple files all at once, meaning everything on the page will load faster. Let's say you go on youtube, the flash video player is definitely what takes the longest to load. SPDY would download the files simultaneously, making the entire page for youtube download instantly and the video player may be trailing slightly behind.

It's faster but it's not likely to be used. Why? it uses SSL for ALL WEBSITES, not all web developers care to get certificates for their website. Besides the SSL part, how would you link to web pages using the new protocol? spdy://   it makes sense but it's not going to be used because browsers without spdy compatibility can't do anything with it.

So what's ""?
Go is Google's new programming language, designed to be fast, safe, concurrent, fun, and best of all Open Source.

Go's Mascot the GoGopher

For more information on Go check out the Go website

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Lunar Lander Arcade Game

I saw this and thought OMFG AWESOME!

This guy created an interesting arcade game based on the Lunar lander game. Using a wheel and a button you pilot the space landing craft to land on the moon surface.

What's different about this than the other lunar lander games?
simple, the others use a screen, this one is actually acted out using cool mechanisms.

I truly love his rendition of the game and it's definitely worth a pretty penny.
He used 2 old computers he bought for 30 bucks to run the game and do all the calculations, the scripting was done in python and PyGame(a game scripting module for python).  Very Cool!

Click here to visit the Creators website

Wii meets Chucky Horror series

A new game is coming out for Wii, and it doesn't help Nintendo's issues with the gaming system being geared towards kid. As you can see in the picture the game is called Baby and me, and involves putting your Wii remote inside the special baby doll. The game involves all the things that you would expect from a baby doll toy, rocking the baby, feeding the baby, and more, you teach this horrifying creation to walk(requires you to have the wii balance board)for more information regarding this game go to the enclosed url(it's a joke post kind of, relating this wii game to horror films).


Yes my term Googlopoly, it's definition is
Any company that creates a product similar to other existing products and offers it at no cost to the users, causing other companies to fail due to the difficulties of offering products for free.

 Google is a Googlopoly because, alot of their products like for example their google maps for android, is hurting other companies stocks because the product has almost all the same features and more that the competitors have, but for the lowest price possible, free!

I love google and I'm not going to bash them however I don't believe that this is the right thing to do, their slogan is "Don't be evil" I don't know but this kind of seems evil to me. I guess though it's kind of hard for a company of that size to not seem evil, but again they have a Googlopoly and it's not going to end because there are no laws against such a thing and you can't put laws against free it doesn't make sense!

Googlopolies are good and bad, almost equally good and bad. They are good because it causes competition to lower their prices, it also makes it so we can get great products free.
But it's bad because competitors can't make money, which knocks them out of business!

Google Chrome Web Browser

Google has created some interesting videos to promote Google Chrome lately.

This one especially interesting if you watch it on youtube because of something unexpected Google did.

Some of these videos are just plain.... odd lol

 My Favorite video I think is this one

For more Google Chrome related Videos go to the Google chrome Channel.

Comment if you have any Google Chrome related videos that you want to share