Saturday, November 14, 2009


Thounds is a cool web app for musicians that allows them to  record the little ditties that pop into their head at random points in time and use them to collaborate with others to make cool songs!

I haven't used it myself but it looks really cool and the video shows some of the cool features it has.

Open Web Awards 2 days left

The Open Web Awards are going on now, and there are 2 days left until the winners are to be displayed.

The open web awards voting system is very cool, they have set up the system so you can use your facebook or twitter accounts to vote.

If you wish you may vote for my blog, I highly doubt I will win or even come close I'm not a very big blogger but eh I thought I'd give it a shot.

Intialy Online: Reborn!?

Today I have some news for gamers. Some of you know I created the Intialy Online Website, Intialy Online is/was a 2D MMORPG I can't really explain alot of it because alot of it you would have to have played to know. Intialy Online is focused on the community aspect of the game, the GMs are very personal and get to know the players as well as play along with the players.

Anyways I have news, Intialy Online was dead for awhile, the website grew dormant, Typhoon no longer had the will to develop the game, all of his data was lost due to a virus. He tried to make a 3D version of the game but found that his game engine lacked the power to handle a fully 3D MMORPG. Now Typhoon after months has told me he plans to remake Intialy Online 2D with a new engine powering it. This game is going to be alot like the original 2D game but a ton better, he is building it from scratch and starting anew. I don't have any other details except for that to disclose at this time.

You will see a post appear on the games website about the new Intialy soon. This is a behind the scenes look at the fate of Intialy, This was not supposed to be public information.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Google Wave - Waving

Okay so I've gotten a bunch of my friends onto Google Wave and I was waving with one of them earlier, I have to say waving is kind of a Fun way to message someone but I don't know that I would say it beats good old fashioned IMing yet, my biggest issue with Google wave is the fact that so far when you are writing a message on google wave it's kind of a pain in the but to just send a simple message, and reply back. What I mean is; in an IM conversation people can simply hit enter and their message is sent. Now really on google wave, you don't even need to hit enter, you can have multiple people on the same wave just typing and never even seperating their messages, and you can still see what they are typing as they are typing it. So that there is very cool however there needs to be a feature to hide what your typing as you type it because I don't know about you but I have a bad habit of sometimes typing what I'm thinking instead of what I actually send. So sometimes I change what I say as I'm entering it and what not, if you do that in wave the other people can actually see that so you cant do that.

My Favorite feature of Google Wave so far: my favorite feature definately is the google search feature, it sounds stupid, but to be able to be chatting with someone and put in pictures of what your talking about from within the conversation with almost no effort, is really cool and really useful, so far I've used it mostly for jokes but it can be used practically and efficiently.

In Google wave you can insert items from google searches web searches google books, google video search, and from image search. This feature is within google wave, you do the searching in the google wave platform itself and click one button and you can add the item directly into the conversation instantly it's really cool!

My View on Google wave is, it's a good thing it's still considered a developer preview, it's not ready for the general public it has some bugs nothing all that critical I don't think, but it's still not ready to be released publicly.

I gotta say I like google wave but I'm afraid it may be a failed attempt. it's a very interesting way of changing the way we communicate but it seems alot like a bulky version of instant messaging that is a little inconvenient. Only because of the issue with the messages being hard to send out quickly, because you can't just hit enter, you have to click a button or use a shortcut key.

I believe it has alot of uses, but it's uses are a little limited at this time.
If you have a google wave account let me know your wave address and I'll add you as a friend, thank you!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Google Wave

I just got an invite to google wave today, I gotta say it's definately interesting. I'm not quite sure what I think of the UI just yet it will take some getting used to.

Also I would like to see a better extension gallery, but it's okay for now.

I like many other google fans was waiting for an invite to come for a long long time, I signed up to the google wave invites website. I tried everything I could to up my odds, though there isn't much you can really do but wait.

Basically I have to say I'm not really dissapointed with Google wave however I haven't been able to actively use it yet, I mean don't get me wrong its cool but I don't have anyone to wave with really, but I'll do what I can.

So in light of that, comment on my blog and I may just grant your wish I may nominate you for a Google Wave Invite!

I need people to talk to on it so I'm inviting lots of people!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quake Live

I've been playing Quake Live alot lately, and I thought I should share it, I'm not a big gamer anymore, but I still enjoy Quake live quite a bit. Quake Live is basically the Quake you know, only you play it in a web browser, now don't let that make you think the game is low quality, it's actually quite good, it does require downloading a plug-in, but it's well worth it.

Quake Live is a fast paced free first person shooter that really only fits into the realm of quake games. The game has a different style from alot of FPS's like for example in Battlefield 2 you use tactics, and work as a team. In Quake Live, you may have teams but the tactics are really simple and involve clumping together or having some defense and some offensive players. Quake Live is a fun game and worth trying, especially if you are an fps fan but can't afford many of them.

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Google Voice

Google Voice, is an alternative to your phone bill.

Google has recently created a free service called Google Voice, this service will allow users to have a new local phone number, called a Google voice number, this new number accepts texts, and phone calls and even comes with voicemail.

I've had an account for a long time and boy do I enjoy it!

Google Voice has two different account setups, you can choose to keep your existing phone number or go with a Google number.

I chose to use a google number. Everyone who opts to have a google number gets to have One number -- you can setup multiple phones to ring when someone calls your google number(Cell and home phones maybe?). Free texting, the ability to block and screen calls, record calls, and do conference calls, plus best of all all calling to US and Canada is free(long distance). Users who opt to have a google number get all the features that users without a google number have, but more!

Users who keep their phone number have less features but are not left out. They get Google Voicemail, which acts like email, voicemail transcription which allows you to recieve a text message or email with what was said in the voicemail, in text form, and Custom Voicemail Greetings.

Google Chrome OS

So if you don't know already, Google has been working on their own operating system.
Google's OS will be called Google Chrome OS, this is because it will be based upon the Google Chrome Web Browser.

So what you may be wondering is, what is so different or unique about this operating system that it gets talked about so much?

Two main things
  • It's going to be FREE
  • It's Going to be Light Weight
  • It's going to be a web browser(Sort of)
First of all Microsoft and Mac will need to watch out for the fact it's a free OS. Chrome OS will be made mostly for laptops but will also be available for desktop computers. This OS is incredibly lightweight and requires hardly anything reducing the costs of computers immensely, imagine going to best buy, walking through the laptops looking at their prices which are between 500-1000 dollars and suddenly spotting a desktop computer for 80-200 dollars! That's the Power of being free and lightweight.

Now when you read the part about it being a web browser you were probably like, "uh...okay..."
Well Google Chrome OS will be a web browser and an OS, basically all your programs will be web apps, you edit all your files online, you can store your files online, and also locally. The plan is basically to move programs you use on a daily basis like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and many others to the web. Why would you want to do this? because you can get to your files from anywhere, you can edit them anywhere, they're easier to share, and many other benefits like that it saves you space on your computer. Web OS is by far the best Web OS I've ever used. is basically a full operating system that runs in a web browser. does use flash which I am not really a supporter of when it comes to web apps and web OS's just because of the fact that it takes longer to load, and renders web apps useless to those who do not have the flash plug-in installed.

What really gets me about is that they work hard to make it so you can use services you are familiar with, with ease, all through their sleek OS. Third party apps are a big part of, has provided API to developers so that developers can actually design apps that interact with a users files and get information from the users account such as font preferences, language, username, and more, but all is stuff you wouldn't worry about sending to those third parties anyways, because the only thing that identifies you is the username, that's it! Many services don't even grab your username. also has a special Trust menu so you can designate apps you trust with what information. Kind of like a firewall it protects you so you don't share information that you don't intend to.

Currently only web apps that already have web hosts are accepted, what I mean is you can't upload a web app to and have them host it for you. That is a disadvantage to but that disadvantage is made up for easily with all the features does have. has a windows like file system, including different drives on your VC(Virtual Computer). One drive is your Drive, this is a special drive that you get with your VC that basically has an infinite supply of space for you.
Basically you can upload files to your drive, share the files, view the files and even edit them; All within Another drive that comes with is your Google Docs Drive, basically this allows you to link your Google account(s) to your account where you can transfer your files to and from your drive, and edit the files using your favorite editor. sets up your google docs drive as if it were just another drive on your computer, it's quite cool. has so many features it's really hard for me to go into all of them but I want to talk about Lite. Lite is a special version of designed for mobile phones, which is also accessible by computers(in-case you are using a computer that doesn't have flash). I really like this because recently I got a very nice mobile phone called the Samsung Rogue, the rogue has an amazing web browser which I love however it's flash support is obviously limited. I need to be able to access my files on the go and Lite allows me to do just that. lite is a very simplified version of that has all the absolutely necessary features of just simplified, there's access to email, your calendar, your webmarks('s version of bookmarks) a translator, sticky notes, all your files are accessible and downloadable, and much much more! has so many features I can't even try to sum them all up in one blog post so I'm afraid this is as in depth as I'll go for today. offers all these awesome features and way more, for the awesome price of FREE!
I recommend trying out

New Blog

Hey Everyone,

I've blogged before but never really kept it up, I think I'll do what I can to keep this one up this time. This blog is going to be about technology, mainly focusing on the web, anything to do with the web will get blogged about here.

I'm a 17 year old web developer who loves designing websites and making programs.
That's all that you really need to know about me.