Monday, December 7, 2009

Wacky weird USB Devices

No I didn't Photoshop this picture, It's really a USB Flower, what it is may surprise you, its actually a speaker. Interesting ay?

USB Air Darts, if the people sitting next to you at your office or at school, hook this baby up, Aim, and FIRE! This USB Dart Launcher really works! Purely AWESOME!

This ones great, and probably my fav out of all of the ones on the site besides the vibrator(in hilarity I probably would only want to buy the Air Darts device if I did buy one of these)

The USB GEORGE FOREMAN GRILL hell yea. Makin' Burgers and Pwning newbs in WoW.

Sawed off Flash Drive(it's real name is "Sawed-off USB Key")
Basically its a flash drive, that looks like a USB Cord that got Ripped or cut.
I think it's kinda funny looking and was a good idea.

Enjoy People

Find More Weird USB Devices here at the Top 10 list of em

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