Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Twitter for the Elderly and those in need of constant care

My family and I recently had some scary things happen to my grandpa, he's currently living in his own home and we want him to be able to do so till he departs, however he needs someone to be with him 24/7 because he's in bad shape. He has Colon Cancer and a few other conditions.

Anyways, I recently had to stay with him, and I did so for 2 days, those 2 days were very scary, the night before christmas eve, christmas Eve, and Christmas day I was with him, it was scary because he was in kind of critical condition, his blood wouldn't clot if he got injured, which would mean he could bleed to death. We brought him to the hospital to get some tests done and the entire thing was an emotional roller coaster, through the whole thing I was using Facebook to update my family and friends on his condition, I continued to post this every time something eventful happend, the whole time my family was going through the rollercoaster with us staying up to date on what was happening.

I learned from that experience that the internet is much easier to keep everyone up to date with than calling and texting everyone every 5 minutes.

So here's the part of the post you've been waiting for.

I have set up a twitter account for the people staying at my grandpas, basically whenever something eventful happens regarding my grandpa and his health, they post it on twitter, this is easy because you can instantly update the whole family and his friends just by sending one little text, or using your mobile browser or laptop!

I highly suggest doing this for your family if you have a loved one that's in a similar condition.
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