Monday, December 7, 2009

The TamPod

 This is probably a hoax but I've heard of this from a few different sources and quite frankly it's funny.
Apple Recently Partnered with Tampax to create a special tampon that would alert the user after 4 hours have passed. The reason for this is women/girls can get some serious illnesses if they don't change them every 4 hours. Now here's the funny part, it's how Apple proposed to alert the user.

The Idea the tampon will begin playing a song, hilariously related to the words "flow" and "acts of nature".

The Image Below is not the real product just a mock up I beleive

Now I could see so many situations where that could be a problem:
Imagine... a girl is in a movie theater and "OH SHIT!!!" a song starts playing the girl quick reaches down her pants trying to get the thing to stop playing, quick whips it out her pants flings it through the air and lands in someones popcorn.
Now what would probably be weirder is a vibrating tampon, imagine a girls just sitting there and all of a sudden she's like squirming.

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