Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Seventh Dragon Browser MMORTS

I just started trying out a new Browser MMO, I'm a fan of Browser MMO's simply because I have a slow net connection so downloading games is a pain in my rear end.

The Seventh Dragon is very similar to the Warcraft series if you have played that before.
In the Seventh Dragon you build up your castle like many other browser strategy games, making units and hiring heroes. The game has a quest system and the quests boast rewards for you and items for your heroes. the Hero system is even more in-depth than the one in Warcraft 3.

The games interface is alright, it could use a little more art maybe theme it toward your race? but otherwise this game is quite entertaining. You get to do just like you do in warcraft 3, you can send out your hero with a group of soldiers to go kill some NPC's and attack enemy players :)

You can also create Guilds with other players.

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