Saturday, December 5, 2009

PseudoQuest - It's like your almost questing...

Please excuse the logo in the screenshot I didn't take this screenshot.
Pseudoquest is a browser based MMORPG, It's a funny twist on the classic RPG. The games class system is all it's own, it uses what are called skill gems and the game is a fully graphic RPG. It's not really text based, it's browser based but don't let that fool you.  Each day, players get a limited number of turns to go out adventuring, kill strange beasties, collect exotic treasure, and complete amusing quests. I've played PseudoQuest for a long time and I am always surprised to see the updates Xaroth makes to the game(Xaroth is the devloper) he's always working hard on it, the game is free to play, however you can pay to get different clothes a modified GUI and items added to your house(these do not affect gameplay just the aesthetics of the game making it so paying players have no advantage over free players :)).

Xaroth recently changed the skill gems, there used to be 5 skill gems, Generalist, Li'l Healer, Li'l Fighter, Li'l Mage, and Li'l Rogue now there are 10 Skill gems, now there are upgraded versions of the old skill gems, Mi'l Healer, Mi'l Fighter, Mi'l Mage, and My fave Mi'l Rogue. Plus some brand spanking new ones Li'l Acrobat, Li'l Ranger and Li'l Assassin.

If you haven't played the game I highly suggest you try it, the game is a great one!

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