Friday, December 18, 2009

More Google Easter Eggs

Many know of the Recursion joke on Google.

To see it, simply Google, Recursion, Google will say "Did you mean Recursion" and send you on an endless loop as a little play on words.
See for yourself

The answer to life, the universe and everything(this is a Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy joke)See for yourself

Google can even answer the impossible, How many horns are on a unicorn?
See for yourself

Google even knows what the phrase "Once in a Blue Moon" really means. See for yourself

Google Geeks even like Ascii Art See for yourself(look at the Google logo)

Google Maps:
Apparently the story goes her name was inserted into the Google Maps coding after she won a dinner-time bet with a colleague. The building at this location is actually the tech giants headquarters. Sounds Cool to me.

One Feature of Google Maps I am saddened to see disappear was If you requested a route between locations separated by expanses of water - say Paris and New York - the software dutifully provided road directions to the west coast of France before suggesting that you "Swim the Atlantic Ocean (3,500 miles)". I found that easter egg, when I was creating prank directions for a friend, I sent it to him then realized it said swim the Atlantic, and that made the joke so much funnier.

Google Klingon See for yourself
Google Pirate edition See for yourself
Google Elmer Fudd Edition, See for yourself

Now for ones that I can't link you to:

Google Earth allows users to fly an F-16 fighter jet anywhere in the world.Simply press Ctrl + Alt + A to activate the rudimentary flight simulator; you can learn the controls here. The simulator was originally inserted as an easter egg but has since become one of the official features of the program.

Google Earth + Picasa Glitch:
Picasa has a feature where you can Geolocate your pictures, and I've done that with some pictures and well I just discovered that when I'm viewing mars, my pictures show on the globe lol, Google didn't set the program up to hide them when your on the red planet!(these are my vacation photos from Sun Studios lol)

Google Earth Talk to a Martian!
Go on Google Earth, go to view>explore>mars then in the search box enter Meliza
hey, what can I say, I like to get word of my sites out there...way out there! haha

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