Monday, December 28, 2009

How To make Firefox More like Google Chrome

Firefox the most customizable browser out there, has some cool tricks to make it appear like it's cousin Chrome.

If you are a Google Chrome Fan, but not yet ready to give up Firefox entirely because of what Chrome is currently lacking, you can Chromify Firefox with a few add-ons!

The picture is a side by side comparison of Firefox and Chrome, can you spot the differences?
Aside from the Google Logo on chrome and the addons I have on Firefox you can hardly spot the differences.

A true chrome fan can spot the differences but it's still a pretty good attempt at mimicing Chromes GUI

The Addon I used to Chromify Firefox was Chromin Frame, I decided not to use it myself after trying it, simply because I like the look and feel of my customized Firefox. :)

But I hope if anyone else likes chrome that they'll check it out and Enjoy

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