Monday, December 14, 2009's URL Shortening Service

Google announced Monday that they have created a URL shortening service, similar to sites such as, this new service will allow Google Toolbar users to post to their blogger accounts and to twitter and other social networking sites, shortened urls.

As another blogger stated it just got Fu.kd, First Facebook steps into the ring with their shortener, and now Google just days later releases

To use the new url shortener you need to use Google Toolbar's new Share button, currently the button is only available for Internet Explorer, they plan to release it for Firefox soon...

The fact it hasn't been released for Firefox is kind of a let down, they announced the feature without publicly stating there isn't a Firefox version yet, and lets face it, it's the Firefox and Google Chrome users who use social networking sites. So releasing it for IE before Firefox, probably wasn't the best Idea.
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